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Issue 73 – Amazing Ways To Support Autism

January 19, 2024

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Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 73

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Easy Ways to Help Your Child Socialize Using Video Self-Modeling
Learn simple ways to teach social skills using an innovative tool known as Video Self-Modeling.
Melissa M. Root, PhD

Special Needs and Safety: Ways To Keep Kids Protected
Follow a three-step approach to preventing accidents or dangerous situations from occurring when a child has special needs.
Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA

Improving The Future For Young People With Autism
Read the latest data regarding people in their 20s with autism and ways to improve opportunities.
Emily Iland, MA

Living With Autism: The Long Journey To A Peaceful Heart
The mother of a young man with autism shares helpful points to guide families through the often challenging special needs journey.
Janie Dixon

Are Girls On The Spectrum Not Being Diagnosed?
An exclusive interview with author and advocate Tracey Cohen reveals a stance on gender nuances and the subtleties of the autism spectrum.
Stephanie C. Holmes, MA, BCCC

The Radiant Smile That Changed Our Lives
A mother of a young boy with autism reflects on the beautiful ways her son has touched people’s lives.
Ellie Fadden

How To Handle Bullying At School As The Parent Of A Special Needs Child
Follow these important steps, including information on disability harassment, when a child is being bullied at school.
Bret Colson

The Need To Understand Irregular Sensory Regulation
A shiatsu and acupuncture practitioner explains the need for people with irregular sensory regulation to be understood and accommodated to allow for inclusion.
Tal Badehi

Dear Younger Self… A Mother’s Letter Of Love
The mother of two young boys with autism shares the reassuring letter she imagines she would write to herself as an older woman.
Kim McCafferty

Finding New Ways To Help Manage Meltdowns
Learn useful tips on ways to reduce meltdowns that take into account environmental triggers.
Jane Cooper

Simple Ways To Prepare Your Child With ASD For Air Travel
Excellent ways are provided to make air travel easier and more enjoyable with autism.
Martina Riepen

Why You Need To Support Your ASD Child In Physical Education
Learn why it’s important children with autism acquire skills to help provide self-regulation and social opportunities and attain a healthy lifestyle.
Josephine Blagrave, PhD, Rebecca Lytle, PhD

Ways Using A Behavioral Journal Can Help With Meltdowns
A high school senior and the sibling of a young man with autism shares ways she has been able to understand her brother’s meltdowns better.
Tiffany Liu

A Loving Mother Shares: The Blessings Of Autisms
A mom reflects on her teenager’s amazing qualities and encourages other parents to look for the blessings in their lives.
Taryn Plendl

Devoted Family Inspires Creativity In Autism Community
Learn about a business that turns drawings by a young man with autism and those from members of the autism community into wearable designs while giving back to charities.
Melissa O’Sullivane

Ten Best Things About Raising A Kid With Autism Today
The mother of a 20-year-old son with high-functioning autism shares the many wonderful attributes of people diagnosed with autism.
Jane Stein

An Exclusive Look At Autism With Liza Krassner
An author and motivational speaker interviews Liza Krassner, the mother of a son with autism who serves on the board of directors for Regional Center of Orange County, which helps support lifelong services for more than 20,000 individuals with special needs.
Derrick Hayes

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Innovative Potty Protector Keeps Things Clean
Learn about a simple device that converts an ordinary toilet into a urinal, helping eliminate overspray and maintain a clean bathroom..

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Light Up Hanging Hampers Are A Slam Dunk
Turn neatness into a game with these special light-up hampers, free for a limited time to APM readers.

Autism Warrior
Mom Creates Amazing Job Opportunities For People With Autism
Meet Dr. Barbie Zimmerman-Bier, who developed top jobs for people with autism as the executive directorof Popco rn for the People, a social enterprise of the nonprofit 501(C)3 Let’s Work for Good.

What’s New On The Bookshelf?
Heartwarming Young Adult Novel Explores The Struggles And Rewards Of Friendship
Take a look at Sheri S. Levy’s touching book that examines young love and changing friendships as well as the rewards of service dog training.

Hot Off The Press!
The Best Way To Serve People With Special Needs: Live With Them
Learn about Friendship House, a small residence dorm where people with intellectual disabilities live sideby-side with similarly aged non-disabled students attending a local college or seminary.
Jane E. Finn, EdD

How Do I Know How Much Money To Leave My Child With Autism?
Learn tips on planning for a lifetime of care when your child with special needs has siblings also to consider.
Ryan F. Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC

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Dear Readers,

I received a touching note the other day from a woman who confessed to becoming teary as she turned the pages of Autism Parenting Magazine. More than 20 years ago, she explained, she had to travel to conferences all over the country to navigate the autism journey with her son. The woman shared how grateful she is that young parents today have access to so many amazing resources and support. The autism community has grown immensely.

The woman’s note made me smile as I considered the evolution over the past few decades for families affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). While the road may seem long and arduous a lot of the time, there has been positive change. It’s rewarding to receive emails from families excited to share their stories, advice, and triumphs. While we don’t have all the answers, we have a strong community diligently working on the future for people with autism.

As I was assigning articles for this issue, it occurred to me how expansive our autism village has become. This month alone we have articles written by doctors, behavioral analysts, autism specialists, a financial planner, a motivational speaker, an autism advocate, a shiatsu and acupuncture practitioner, several devoted parents, as well as the teenage sibling of a young man with autism. The level of commitment to helping families is inspirational.

For example, we have a couple of articles in this issue that focus on new ways to teach social skills and provide social opportunities for people with autism. Melissa M. Root, PhD, president and founder of Root Success SolutionsTM LLC, has provided us with the piece Easy Ways To Help Your Child Socialize Using Video Self-Modeling. A certified school psychologist and international presenter on Video Self-Modeling, Melissa’s advice on simple ways you can teach social skills using video is invaluable. The examples she provides can be easily tailored to meet your child’s specific needs.

We have a fascinating testimonial to share this month from Tal Badehi, a Shiatsu and acupuncture practitioner based in London who works with people with autism. Take a look at his article, Calming Self-Injurious Behavior with a Simple Touch, to learn how Tal has helped comfort a young woman with damaging head-banging behavior through therapeutic touch. His words are inspirational.

Kids can also work on acquiring social skills while mastering other tasks, such as participating in physical education. California State University faculty member Josephine Blagrave, PhD, and Dr. Rebecca Lytle, professor of kinesiology at California State University, coauthored the piece Why You Need to Support Your ASD Child in Physical Education. In their article, they highlight ways kids with autism can acquire much-needed skills through activity to help provide self-regulation and social opportunities and attain a healthy lifestyle.

Ensuring safety can take more thought, consideration, and perhaps some in-depth teaching when it comes to a loved one on the spectrum. Rethink’s Executive Director of Family and Clinical Services Angela Nelson, MS, BCBA, has provided us with a three-step approach to help prevent accidents or dangerous situations from occurring. Take a look at her piece Special Needs and Safety: Ways to Keep Kids Protected as Angela says it’s never too late to begin or reassess your strategy for preventing accidents or dangerous situations from occurring.

It’s so fulfilling to learn about people who work relentlessly to make affirmative change. First, we want to introduce you to Dr. Barbie Zimmerman-Bier who has been named Autism Warrior for the month. Frustrated by the limited employment opportunities in the autism community, Barbie developed top jobs for people on the spectrum through Popcorn for the People, a social enterprise of the nonprofit 501(C)3 Let’s Work for Good. Take a look at the article Mom Creates Amazing Job Opportunities for People with Autism to learn how this mother and chief of developmental pediatrics at Metropolitan Hospital in NYC created a safe and nurturing employment opportunity for people with autism.

We recently learned about a positive partnership developed in Michigan where individuals with special needs live sideby-side with similarly aged students attending either Western Seminary or Hope College. This dorm consists of pods where three students and one person with challenges live together as roommates. Each person has their own room and shares common areas like a kitchen, laundry room, deck, and TV room. Not only are people with special needs given an opportunity to gain independence, but seminarians can become better equipped personally and professionally to serve people with special needs and their families as future pastors. If you’re looking for positive changes we see on the horizon, take a look at Jane E. Finn’s, EdD, news article The Best Way to Serve People with Special Needs: Live with Them.

We are also grateful for the families who graciously and honestly share their autism journeys with us through personal narratives. For inspiration this month, take a take a look at Taryn Plendl’s piece A Loving Mother Shares: The Blessings of Autism as she encourages parents to always look for the blessings in their lives. Equally poignant is Ten Best Things About Raising a Kid With Autism Today by Jane Stein, the mother of a 20-yearold son with high-functioning autism. Her love and commitment to her child shine through.

Let’s continue to strengthen our autism communities by reaching out to one another and offering much-needed understanding and support. It makes a difference.

Wishing you love and support as you explore the latest guidance on autism.

Kind regards,
Amy KD Tobik

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