Autism Parenting Magazine (APM) serves families affected by autism worldwide through a range of initiatives, including a monthly magazine, bi-annual summits, webinars, an Autism Learning Network (ALN), and tailored educational courses

Our team represents a tapestry of diversity, spanning various ages, backgrounds, faiths, and geographical locations, spanning the UK, USA, Philippines, South Africa, and Eastern Europe. Comprising 12 dedicated full-time staff members and a network of freelancers, we operate remotely.

While the nature of our work can be both exhilarating and challenging, it is always gratifying. We foster teamwork through regular Zoom-based team meetings and one-on-one sessions. In this fast-paced setting, we infuse elements of fun and camaraderie to facilitate meaningful connections among team members.

An exciting opportunity awaits those who join our rapidly expanding organization, offering substantial career growth and learning prospects. We seek individuals who can thrive in our dynamic magazine environment, embracing change with a positive, can-do mindset.

If you aspire to be part of a passionate community dedicated to advancing the magazine and individual development, this could be your ideal professional home.

APM About Us page

Why Work Remotely:

Working remotely offers the freedom to design your workspace, allowing for a personalized and comfortable environment for increased focus and productivity. Additionally, it provides the flexibility to balance work and personal life, reducing commuting stress and allowing more time for family and personal pursuits.

Our Work Culture

We aspire to build a strong culture involving fostering open communication and trust among team members through regular video meetings and virtual collaboration tools such as Slack/Asana/Zoom.  Encouraging shared values and team bonding activities are vital in creating our cohesive and connected remote work culture.

Every one of us at APM aspire to and embrace our Core Values, which are:


  • We admit our mistakes, learn from them, and move on. 
  • We take responsibility and blame no one else.
  • We do what we say we will do and understand it's okay to say no to avoid commitments we cannot keep. 
  • We are honest and value good deeds, words and actions.
  • We always do the right thing.


  • We understand “the why” and are flexible and responsive to change.
  • We orient our priorities around the team's needs, not our own, doing what is needed, not what we like. 
  • We see the bigger picture and can adapt ourselves to what is needed.
  • We accept feedback gracefully and with integrity.


  • We collaborate together to win.
  • We hold each other accountable and tell it like it is, even when it's difficult.
  • We pride ourselves on effective communication and building a harmonious team.
  • We adhere to deadlines that affect other team members.  
  • Resilience - we do not give up but persevere through challenges.


  • We think big and work hard to make a difference. 
  • We are efficient and effective with our time.
  • We innovate and optimize for the greater good of the community. 
  • We empower others to reach their full potential

Customer first:

  • We feel good about helping families and changing lives.
  • We care about our customers and abide by our standards of communication and marketing. 
  • We are inspiring and inspired by what we do.
  • We foster positive relationships and encourage repeat business

We are currently not hiring; however, if you wish to submit your application for possible future employment with us, please complete our APM Careers Form