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Issue 28 – Sharing the Love

February 18, 2021

Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 27
Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 28

Dear Readers,

It’s February and love is in the air!

As Valentine’s Day approaches one can’t help but envision lovely long-stemmed red roses, exquisite chocolates and maybe a cozy, candlelit dinner. It’s tradition, after all, to celebrate this day with romance.

As with any commercialized holiday, however, it’s easy to get a little caught up with the hoopla. While expensive heart-shaped jewelry and a night of dancing may be a plan for some, most families don’t have the freedom to celebrate with a big night out away from the kids – especially those with children on the spectrum. Perhaps we should begin to view Valentine’s Day with a fresh perspective.

Valentine’s Day can be more than a day to exchange candy hearts with your sweetheart – it can also be a time to celebrate your unconditional love for all the people who shape your life.  This could be your partner, your child, a friend who is always there for you. In celebration of cupid’s favorite holiday, we are excited this month to feature a selection of articles which focus on some aspect of love.

First, we are thrilled to introduce you to Deanna Picon, author of the book The Autism Parents’ Guide to Reclaiming Your Life. She has compiled a special list of tips on how to keep the love alive in her article, “Three Ways To Revitalize Your Marriage After Having A Special Needs Child.” As she explains, it’s all about making the time to take care of one another and work as a team. As a special treat this month, Deanna will be giving away copies of her book to 10 of our readers. Beginning February 1st, we will be requesting readers post their most memorable Valentine’s Day in two to three sentences on our Facebook page. On February 14th, 10 winners will be chosen and privately contacted. Be sure to check out the Autism Parenting Magazine page on Facebook this month!

We are also excited to feature a video clip from Dr. Frank Gaskill, a practicing psychologist and author who specializes in Asperger syndrome, effective parenting, and is the host of an online video series called “The Dr. G Aspie Show.”  In his personal narrative, Gaskill shares his passion to debunk Asperger stereotypes while spreading love and appreciation for all people.

The unconditional love between a grandparent and a grandchild can mean the world to a family, as we learn from Steven Josias, an attorney and community leader from Florida. In his touching narrative, “The Gift of Autism,” Josias shares his unrelenting love for his eldest grandson diagnosed with autism. Having a grandchild on the spectrum, he believes, has given him the gift of understanding and patience as well as special insight. They share a very special bond.

Professional photographer Rosie Barnes shares a similar kind of love for her 18-year-old son, Stanley, who was diagnosed with autism as a toddler. Please read our review of her recently-published book, Understanding Stanley, Looking through Autism which provides a unique look at the autistic world. The book, which contains 64 images of Stanley as well as objects and landscapes that represent autistic characteristics and experiences, truly provides an intriguing and educational perspective.

We all know an important aspect of love is understanding. This month we are featuring several articles to help you and your child conquer different obstacles, from Deborah Marcello’s “4 Tips for Preparing for Your Child’s Annual IEP Meeting” to Sarah Kupferschmidt’s “3 Tips for Safely Dealing with Challenging Behavior.”  We also have an interesting piece written by a mother of a child with Aspergers who recently had the opportunity to connect with author and educator Temple Grandin. In her article, “Celebrating Uniqueness in Today’s Classroom; My Chat with Temple Grandin,” she highlights their conversation about raising and teaching children on the autism spectrum.

Be sure to also check out our “What’s New on the Bookshelf” section as well as we highlight two recently-published children’s books which explore diversity and relationships. After all, it’s all about sharing the love with the people who define your world.

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Kind Regards,
Amy KD Tobik

Issue 28 Features

  • Sleep Study Reveals Need for Change in Bedtime Routine by Kimberlee Rutan McCafferty
  • 3 Ways to Revitalize Your Marriage After Having A Special Needs Child by Deanna Picon
  • Celebrating Uniqueness in Today’s Classroom: My Chat with Temple Grandin by Angela DeMuro
  • Understanding School Occupational Therapy – Collaboration, Communication, Proactive Consultation by Susan Donohoe, OTR SI and SIPT Certified
  • Aspergers is Awesome! by Frank Gaskill, PhD
  • Some Visual Perceptual Activities and Suggestions to Integrate into Daily Life by Lauren Brukner
  • The Great Disclosure Debate: When Should You Tell Strangers Your Child Has Autism? by Julie M Green
  • 4 Tips for Preparing for Your Child’s Annual IEP Meeting by Deborah Marcello
  • Two Recently-Published Books Explore Diversity and Relationships – News Release
  • ToyBox Tools Brings Joy to Children with Special Needs – News Release
  • The Gift of Autism by Steven Josias
  • The Golden Girl – Approaching Students with Autism by Entering their World by Cindy Stringer Wismer
  • A Journey Toward Understanding by Amy KD Tobik
  • Help: How Can the Newly Passed ABLE Act Help My Family? by Ryan F. Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC
  • 3 Tips for Safely Dealing with Challenging Behavior by Sarah Kupferschmidt, MA, BCBA
  • Help: My Kindergartener Struggles in the School Cafeteria by Angelina M., MS, BCBA, MFTI
  • Mango Pots by The Autism Food Club

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