The Calming Effects of Essential Oils

More and more we are hearing about essential oils and the benefits of using them. Some time ago, I remember reading a thread in a private autism parents group. The gist was divided; half were for essential oils, half thought it was just another waste of time. Some parents even had the misconception that people were touting essential oils can “cure” autism.

Essential Oils and its Calming Effect -

Let me start by saying, I don’t seek a cure for my son, or for myself for that matter. That being said, autism can make life hard. So just as we have our children in therapies to help them succeed, why not try a natural oil that could help them in other ways? I mulled essential oils over for some time.

I wasn’t sure what to think. Part of me wanted to believe that they worked. I mean after all, what did our forefathers use for ailments and such way back in the day? So I started to do some research.

First and foremost, I started by researching what it was I wanted to use them for. The top of my priority list was my son’s anxiety. He is autistic as well as having Bipolar disorder, so anxiety runs rampant in him. I went through MANY sites, took notes, and compared answers. What I found was great.

Basically, there are two main Essential Oil providers that sell pre-made blends for different things. They are NOT cheap. We live on a SUPER fixed income, so this was not an option for us. I then went back to my notes, and saw that most all of the sites were on the same page, as to which oil helps what. They also stress making sure you get your oils from a reputable person so that you are sure to get 100% pure oils. You also can’t apply these oils on your skin without a carrier oil, as many of them are strong enough to irritate your skin. I placed an order for Essential Oil’s, roller bottles, and went to the grocery store for my carrier oil. Then I became a “mad scientist” as my son says.

As soon as my oils came in, I set to work making an anxiety blend. I mixed it all up and put it in a nice roller bottle so we could apply it to my son’s wrists and the base of his neck. At first I didn’t notice a lot of difference. So I tweaked my recipe and tried again. It helped. It really, honest-to-goodness, helped. Did it take his anxiety away completely? No. But it helped. Enough that when we are going someplace that will be overwhelming to him, he will ask for his “Peaceful Child”. I homeschool my son and I apply it before we start lessons. It helps calm him, it doesn’t just suppress his anxiety. The best thing is I can apply it many times throughout the day.

After that success, I did more research. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and many other chronic illnesses. I also have a very compromised immune system. So I looked up pain relief, cold and flu relief, and also anti-depressant oils for my son. Again, I went to work blending, trying them out, tweaking my recipes.

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We now have blends for anxiety/hyperactivity, depression, pain relief, headache, cold flu (really clears the sinuses),a bedtime spray, and the list goes on.

This family now relies on essential oils first and foremost. Liam has eczema, so I also use Essential Oil’s to make him lotion. This is not to say we don’t take prescription meds, because we certainly do. However, prescriptions are our last resort. As with anything, what works for some, may not work for all. I do know other mothers that use oil blends on their autistic children, and they too, swear by how much they help. After all, isn’t that what we’re after? Helping our children to the best of our abilities?

I started an Etsy store to sell my blends to families of autistics at a more affordable price. You can also head to Google and type in ‘essential oils,’ and do some research. I am here to say that it has definitely been worth my time and effort, and each time we use one of my blends, I feel a sense of pride that we are trying to live a more holistic lifestyle.

If you would like more information, you can find me daily at A Legion for Liam on Facebook.

This article was featured in Issue 34 – Autism Sleep, Bedtime and Hygiene Routines

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Courtney Barnum

Courtney Barnum is a stay at home and home schooling mom. Her son Liam, is autistic with Bipolar Disorder, as well as an alphabet soup of other diagnoses. In her spare time, Courtney writes, runs a local autism support group, as well as an autism support/blog page on Facebook, Pinterest

  • Avatar johnburks says:

    I have 9 yr old highly austic granddaughter. Any info on possible help with her behavior problems would be very helpful. Thxs, john burks

  • Avatar Raeanne says:

    Can you please tell me how to find your oils on Etsy

    • Avatar Kris says:

      Raeanne. There are alot of companies selling EOs. The two companies that often pop up on a web search are multi level marketing companies which tend to be more expensive than other companies that have equal or better products. I personally use Mountain Rose Herbs. Most of their oils are organic and they have an extensive amount of information on their site. Good Luck. EOs are great!

      • Avatar lori says:

        You didn’t answer the question: WHERE CAN WE FIND YOUR OIL BLENDS ON ETSY, ie WHAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR ETSY STORE. PLEASE my grandson is showing signs of autism, he’s almost 3. I haven’t had him officially diagnosed but from everything I’ve read & watched, I firmly believe he’s in the Autism Spectrum so ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

        • Avatar shannon says:

          I’d start here first. I’d bet she has a link on FB

          A Legion for Liam on Facebook

        • Avatar Hayley Wiese says:

          Hi Lori, if you’d like someone to talk to about how essential oils can support you and your family and how to get them please let me know 🙂 I use doTERRA and they are by far the most pure potent and unadulterated oils on the market (3rd party certified and tested well above industry standard) and worth every penny if you are looking for full therapeutic power that the EO can provide. would love to help you anyway I can.

          • Avatar Genna says:

            I do not wish to get into an argument, therefore I will put this out there and not respond again. But all third party testing that has not been funded by doterra (and young living, for that matter) has shown it is a far inferior product to many others, sometimes having dangerous levels of different chemo-types not normally found in that specific EO. Hopefully you have done your research on safety more than the purity of the oils you sell. Please be aware of dilution levels and EO safety for each individual.

          • Avatar Agnes says:

            Unfortunatelly MLM sellers are usually not well trained.
            (because of the MLM system). Use doTerra or Yl or whatever – but please don’t make suggestion without being well trained. Unfortunatelly MLM systems has one goal which is to sell and make money.
            I am not saying every oil is bad, but the system is on the money making/bussiness base.

  • Avatar Rich says:

    , Howdy, I want to 2nd the sentiments regarding doterra essential oils.
    This person speaks the truth regarding their purity,.
    My wife has been involved with essential oils for going on three years I guess, and there’s not enough space here to tell you the big picture and how amazing and life-changing they’ve been for us, and a lot of our family.
    I stumbled on this article because a friend of mine has noticed a daughter and clearly could use some help in this journey that they are on as a family.
    I would be remiss if I didn’t introduce him to a central oils, and the potential that they have.
    If anybody needs access to these oils, needs a place to buy them, or has questions feel free to reach out because that’s what doterra is about: they’re just trying to spread the word about the healing power of the these oils.
    Ps. I am by no means trying to suck you into some shady deal, or even trying to sell you anything: I just would like to see these oil’s in the hands of people who could use them
    Peace and God bless

  • Avatar Beverly Boytim says:

    Hello, We are long time users of Young Living (over 11 years now). They are the oldest most researched essential oil company (with over 20 years of experience) and have rigorous testing (both in house and third party). They own many of their own farms that you can personally visit and see how their plants are grown and harvested. Check out their Seed to Seal policy . When putting oils on children (we have 7 children and I have used oils on all of them for many years now) you really want the best quality oils! The skin is the biggest organ and absorbs anything put on it. Many oils are cut with harmful rancid oils (hence them being cheaper) that you don’t want going into your babies bloodstream.

    I am always happy to help and answer any questions! I am also and herbalist and found YL essential oils to be the best, purest and most effective ones on the market.

  • Avatar Holly says:

    I’ve been using DoTerra EO for 3 weeks DDR blend. I’ve noticed & Therapist noticed a change in my almost 3year old babbling & focus. But seems as her tantrums have increased. I’m just at the point of throwing in the towl. 🙁 I hate to see her out of control like this. I just got diagnoses 1wk ago. Help.

    • Avatar Jen says:

      Holly, try diluted Vetiver on your child to ground her. My nephew has autism and he has responded so well to this particular oil. I also use doTERRA. There is most definitely a difference.

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