Autism Parenting Magazine – Issue 88

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What’s in this issue?

I recently sat down with Dr. Temple Grandin as she prepared to present at the 2019 Converge Autism Summit presented by Springbrook Behavioral Health in Greenville, SC. Diagnosed with autism as a toddler and nonverbal until she was nearly four years old, she has achieved great heights as an author, speaker, professor of animal science, and a woman on the autism spectrum. While we sat together at a small café table, Temple, a passionate autism advocate, shared how she had recently met a 14-year-old girl who had never gone shopping. “What about life skills? I don’t understand it.

How will these kids get jobs someday?” she exasperatedly asked. Her answer: through early diagnosis and intervention, by building a child’s strength through social skills, and not getting hung up on labels. After all, that’s what her family did for her back in the 1950s. Temple passionately encouraged parents during her presentation to provide as many experiences as possible and to build on a child’s strengths because that’s when learning takes place.

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Featured in this issue:

  • How to Plan a Fantastic Summer Break for an ASD Child
  • 3 Simple Tips For Implementing AAC for Better Connections
  • 3 Ways to Prepare for the IEP Meeting Challenge
  • 10 Behavior Analytic Steps to Forgiveness You Need to Know
  • Lifesaving Lockdown Safety Tips Every Family Needs to Know
  • The Amazing Ways My Kids With ASD Have Shaped Me As a Mom
  • Noah’s Voice: Non-Speaking Man Advocates for Big Changes
  • New Comic Book Character With Autism Inspires Kindness
  • Top Advice on Operant Conditioning in Individuals With Autism
  • Motherhood: Finding Their Joy…and Yours
  • How to Protect a Child With Autism From Sexual Abuse
  • Life With Asperger’s: Learning As I Go
  • Terrific Ways to Join in on Community Fun With Autism
  • Easy-to-Use Unified Health App Can Help You Stay Connected
  • The Struggles of a Teenage Girl With a Late Autism Diagnosis
  • Why It’s Important to Embrace Autism Research
  • How to Teach ABA Without Making Your Child a Robot
  • A Mother’s Gift: Our First Kiss
  • 10 Ways To Help Someone on the Autism Spectrum Prepare for Periods
  • True Story of Raising a Special Needs Child Inspires Hope
  • Thank You, Asperger’s
  • Sweet Kid’s Book Conveys ASD Acceptance and Understanding
  • When Protecting Your Child With Autism Is Misunderstood
  • Charming New Book Helps Kids With Autism Cope With Change
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM With Julie Polanco
  • State Medicaid Waiver Programs Can Pay for a Lifetime of Needs

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