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Transitioning Your ASD Child into Middle and High School

Transitioning from any break back to school can be difficult for children with autism and their families.  However, transitioning to middle or high school can be extremely challenging. Your child is not only transitioning to a new environment, but they are working with new teachers, a new team of specialists, and having to adjust to

Social Skills

Social Skills and Navigating the Playground Part II

Play is very complex, especially when teaching children with autism, but it is essential to social skills development. Children naturally engage in play on the playground at recess; however, for children with autism, play does not come as easily. The playground is unpredictable, loud, chaotic, and can be an extremely overwhelming place for a child

Teaching Social Skills and Navigating the Playground
Social Skills

Teaching Social Skills and Navigating the Playground

Recess is often thought of as a break for both teachers and children. It is a time for teachers to take a breather, eat a snack, go to the bathroom, check emails, etc. As for children, recess is a time to “let some energy out.” However, for children with autism, recess can be challenging. It’s

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Parent Burnout is Real… 5 Tips That Help

Autism Parenting is the world’s hardest job!  It comes with immense responsibility in which you are on call 24/7, incessantly worrying, and using all your time and energy working at a “real job” without getting a real paycheck. Parenting a child with autism is 100 times more stressful and exhausting because you are not only

Turning Your Child's Interests Into Passion
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Turning Your Child’s Interests Into Passion

The beautiful thing about autism is that oftentimes children and adults become hyper focused on one subject. Their interests can range from reciting lines from movies, to remembering stats of sports teams, to playing video games, to being gifted in art, to playing an instrument. The list of interests goes on and on. The number