Antisocial Personality Disorder and Autism: Understanding the Differences
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Antisocial Personality Disorder and Autism: Understanding the Differences

A lack of empathy is often erroneously described as a defining characteristic of autism spectrum disorder, leading to speculation about children on the spectrum developing antisocial personality disorders in adulthood. “Autistic people and psychopaths are almost the opposite of each other…” This remark, made by Professor Baron-Cohen during an interview for the Autism Parenting Summit

Autistic Burnout: Causes and Prevention Tips ttps://
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Autistic Burnout: Causes and Prevention Tips

Autism burnout is much more than exhaustion; overwhelm does not suffice to describe the depths many autistic adults mention when describing the sensory overload, stress and most concerning, the apparent loss of skills associated with autistic burnout. The first day at a new school or job is a sure way to experience stress, uncertainty, and

Autism Migraines
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Autism and Migraines: Is There a Connection? 

Pain is a warranted worry for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders. Communication impairments could mean children struggle to put pain in words, meaning serious conditions and symptoms may be missed. With more autistic adults searching out advice about headache disorders, the association between autism and migraines deserves a closer look. My child banged

Self-Diagnosed Autism: A Valid Diagnosis?
Autism Diagnosis

Self-Diagnosed Autism: Is It a Valid Diagnosis?

You’ve researched and pored over every reputable autism resource to check symptoms and characteristics of the neurodevelopmental condition. So many things finally make sense. But is self-diagnosed autism a valid diagnosis? Self-diagnosed autism is controversial. Some in the autism community feel it’s a slippery slope to misdiagnosis, dilution of resources, and silencing of the “true”

What is the Broad Autism Phenotype
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What is the Broad Autism Phenotype?

Discussions about the shared traits between children with autism spectrum disorders and their undiagnosed parents often lead to pondering the broader autism phenotype. Is it possible for relatives of autistic kids to have autism spectrum disorder…to a lesser degree? Autism spectrum disorder is a medical diagnosis but the broader autism phenotype is not. Rather, it