If you’re parenting a child with autism, you may have come across the term “discriminative stimulus” in relation to behavior therapy or techniques to use at home – but what does it really mean and how can this method be applied? This article offers an overview of discriminative stimulus and outlines some examples of how

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Parents of children with autism collectively share concerns over outbursts, aggressive behaviors, social and developmental delays, and the need for better training and understanding of autism in our communities. Having an understanding of what autism is and what it can look like can help you learn what triggers your child specifically, to help reduce tantrums

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Are you confused about ABA? Applied behavior analysis, also known as ABA, is a type of therapy that is commonly used in children with autism to improve behaviors on a spectrum of different socially significant skills. ABA therapy can be applied to decrease individual behavioral concerns that could be negatively impacting social interactions among peers,

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Raising a child on the spectrum is not easy. It comes with higher demands of care and time than other children. Believe me, I know! I have four children ranging in ages from eight to 17. My youngest daughter has PDD, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, a moderate form of Autism. She is higher functioning and very

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