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    Stephen Spriggs

    Stephen Spriggs is the managing director of William Clarence Education, the leading education advisory and consultancy service in the UK. With an unrivalled reach into the UK Schooling and University network, William Clarence offers unbiased advice to students and parents from around the world; at every stage of their academic journey. From Independent School Application and Placement, full UCAS and University application consultancy, Oxbridge Applications US College Admission and even Homeschooling program, William Clarence Education draws on a deep relationship driven network with schools, Universities and senior education figures within the industry. By putting the student and family at the center of the process, William Clarence ensures their clients reach their maximum potential and gain access to the very best of UK education. For more info visit

    International Provisions for Kids With Special Educational Needs

    International Provisions for Kids With Special Educational Needs

    The world is constantly evolving. Technology and medicine are becoming ever more advanced, while society is constantly striving to become more understanding, compassionate, and accepting towards our fellow people. Historically speaking, this understanding and compassion have been less than giving towards those with special educational needs (SEN) requirements, fortunately as we as a population learn […]

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