Just the mere thought of Halloween can send many autism moms into a tailspin. Ah, yes, Halloween. The time of year when little devils feast on candy and bounce around the house until midnight. Then, when their sugar levels start to crash, they load up on more refined sugar, additives, nitrates, and artificial colors—all the

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A year ago, if you had told me a raging pandemic would sweep across the globe, all schools would be closed, and parents would wind up holding down full-time jobs while simultaneously supervising their kids’ education, all from the comfort of their living rooms, I’d have told you to check the small print on your

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The lazy summer mornings are but a distant memory as kids are returning to school for another year and their mothers rejoice at the thought of some well-earned peace and quiet once more. So why, when our little ones are getting back into a stable routine that helps keep them grounded, are so many moms

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