When our two-and-a-half-year-old son’s speech and language therapist suggested we have him tested for autism, we were taken aback. By the time we got the ASD diagnosis, we had done a lot of reading, taken surveys about his behaviors, and talked to people in the know. We’d started living with it before it was even

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One of the things that melts my heart and fills me with joy is when a parent says to me: “How can I help my child be friends with your child?” What really floors me is when one of my son’s peers asks me how to be his friend or asks his/her mother to ask

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“What?” said Heidi, the mother of a severely disabled child on the spectrum, when I was hesitant to share good news about my son who is also on the spectrum because we had both tried the same supplement and I knew she had seen no change. “Are you suffering survivor’s guilt or something?” Our friendship

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Because more adults on the spectrum are giving voice to their experiences now than in the past, those of us with younger children on the spectrum are benefiting from their wisdom and advice. The biggest take away I have from what I read and see by these adults is that being an adult on the

Diagnosis often brings with it clarity of thought. We are given an explanation and often concrete actions in the shape of therapy. A lot of therapy. We take our child to so much therapy that our clarity becomes lost in the fog of scheduling, implementing, analyzing, assessing, researching, changing, and repeating that cycle. Then one

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