Young people on the spectrum and the law enforcement community can, and do, come into contact all the time. The resultant interaction can be beneficial for both groups or it can become problematic. The question is why it would be a problem and how can we change the dynamic to ensure the encounters are positive?

in Autism Safety by Lt. Joseph Pangaro, CPM, CSO, MOI

A veteran police officer shares an on-duty interaction with an autistic teen that inspired lifelong efforts to bridge special needs knowledge gaps in law enforcement. Many years ago, when I was a new police officer, I was sent to the home of a woman who was having trouble with her 16-year-old son. That was all

in Autism Safety by Lt. Joseph Pangaro, CPM, CSO, MOI

The COVID19 crisis and the attendant shutdown has affected every one of us and will continue for some time to come. As a School Safety and Security Consultant, I am constantly watching for trends, changes in best practices and emerging threats; in this unique moment of our history my concern turns to our special needs

in Education and Classroom by Lt. Joseph Pangaro, CPM, CSO, MOI

Every school must prepare for the unthinkable: violence in the building.  That violence can come from two specific sources: an “internal” source, like a student in the school, or an “external” source, like an intruder that gets into the building with the intent to hurt or kill people. Our administrators, teachers, support staff, and students

in Autism Safety by Lt. Joseph Pangaro, CPM, CSO, MOI

Life is filled with challenges for all of us, and for kids on the spectrum, the challenges can be even more difficult.  As anyone who has experience with the spectrum knows, we often concern ourselves with education and social interaction as main goals for helping our kids.  After all, life is made up of one

in Transitioning to Adulthood by Lt. Joseph Pangaro, CPM, CSO, MOI