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Debbie Gelinas

Debbie Gelinas’ passion has been about making the world better for all of our children. Her background includes advocating for children who have been abused and/or neglected, and for the past one and a half decades, her focus has shifted to being a voice for children who cannot speak for themselves due to disability and/or a condition that impacts their holistic learning. Debbie is Founder of IEP Coaching & Advocacy, an organization that strives to provide professional and expert services to parents of children who have a need for a Section 504 plan and/or who require an individual education plan, within either the public or private school settings.  Debbie has been a wife for over 35 years to the father of four incredible blessings, and their fourth blessing is now a teenager with Down syndrome.  Debbie’s love of her work is evident, and she considers it a gift to participate alongside parents as their child’s Advocate.  Please visit and IEP Coaching & Advocacy’s Facebook page for solid information that can help you advocate successfully for your child.

8 Important IEP Decrees the School Owes You Now!

8 Important IEP Decrees the School Owes You Now

While there are many available ‘tips’ for parents to read up on before going to their child’s Individualized Educational Plan (IEP meeting), the focus of this article will be what the school is obligated to provide you, the parent, prior to, during, and following the IEP meeting. Keep these important points in mind to ensure your child […]

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