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Chris Nealy

Chris Nealy,MSW, LCSW earned both his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (BA ‘05, MSW ‘11) where his research focused on autism and family impacts. Currently, Chris provides office-based, nature-based, and in-home psychotherapeutic services for individuals, families, couples and groups affected by autism and/or ADHD. He is a hobbyist techie who embraces nature, spending much of his time with clients at Triple Play Farm where he practices Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, often integrating video modeling, mobile apps for behavior tracking and journaling, and mindfulness education through interactive programs. He is co-owner of Halcyon Mental Health, PLLC located in Matthews on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC. He is a fan of Harry Potter, mindfulness, zombies, videogames, and getting lost in the woods. In his free time, Chris enjoys reading Stephen King novels, backpacking, and getting his hands on new gadgets. On Facebook at: and