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    Casey Wimsatt

    Casey Wimsatt is a software designer and entrepreneur dedicated to designing and building creative solutions to complex problems across a wide span of fields and industries. Casey has created gesture recognition engines for digital gloves, augmented reality simulations for military-grade see-through HMDs, and meta-data driven game engines.  He has also designed and implemented large-scale, distributed enterprise systems.  Casey designed and led the implementation of central components of a 40 million dollar Claims Automation system.  The system's success led to an additional 200 million in contracted work for the prime contractor.  Casey's health-related innovations include a pilot daily-living self assessment game for patients with schizophrenia, an integrated clinical trials management system used for the NDA of a multi-billion dollar drug, Ambien, and a patented “serious game” intervention, FaceSay , for school aged children with an autism spectrum disorder.  Designs are on the drawing board for a radical new social attention game for infants and toddlers at risk for an ASD diagnosis, a mixed reality patient physician interaction system, and more. If you need help generating creative designs or executing complex solutions, contact Casey at