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Amy Eleftheriades

Amy Eleftheriades ,PGCE, MEd in SEND is from the UK and has enjoyed over 20 years working in a range of social care and education settings. She is a qualified teacher with a MEd SEND, specializing in autism and social communication difficulties. Amy lives at home in Norwich, UK with her husband, their young daughter and their bouncy dog. After many years working in both public and private settings, in 2012 Amy decided to become independent, setting up Alpha Inclusion Ltd. Amy and her team work with young people, their families, and professionals in education, health and social care settings.They also provide services to the Commercial Sector, with The Block Bus™ being utilized to deliver Lego activities at Corporate Events and Team Building and Wellbeing sessions for businesses.Profits from these services are re-invested to provide ongoing care and support for children, young people, and their families.Amy has written three books as well as a number of articles for SEND magazines. Her book, Building Block for Communication; Activities for Promoting Language and Communication Skills in Children with Special Educational Needs (Routledge) includes further Lego activities for use at home and school. Her most recent book Social Survival; A manual for those with Autism and other logical thinkers (Routledge, 2018) offers an insight into the social world for young people with high functioning autism and Asperger’s syndrome.