Working Toward a Healthy Life With ASD

What's in this issue?

Are there days when you feel completely overwhelmed? Balancing daily responsibilities can be hard, but when you add the challenges often surrounding an autism diagnosis, the help you desire can seem so very far away.

In an effort to help you find the support you need, this month’s issue focuses on working toward building a healthy life when someone you love has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We have provided specialized guidance on managing health, as well as strategies for better protecting a child with autism.

Featured in this issue:

  • Making the Most of Spring Break With Autism
  • Why the Disconnect? Are Parents Living a Balanced Life?
  • Help: My Child With Autism Is Afraid to Go to the Dentist
  • Five Critical Reasons to Offer Support to Autism Siblings
  • 5 Myths About Girls With Asperger’s and Social Groups
  • Top Therapy Services That Need to Be Considered With Autism
  • The Third Parent: A Loving Look at the Role of an Autism Sibling
  • Poetry Corner: You Make Me Wonder...
  • How Do You Know If a Child With Autism Has a Mental Health Disorder?
  • Ways to Protect a Child With Autism From Cyberbullies
  • Autism Warrior: Courageous Boy Shares What Life is Like With Asperger's
  • Growing Up With Autism
  • Fun and Affordable Sensory Play Ideas for Kids With Special Needs
  • Special Memoir Provides Amazing ASD Support and Understanding
  • Celebrating Differences: Taking the World by Storm
  • How Music Can Help Those With ASD Cope With Anxiety
  • Charming New Book Gives Kids a Chance to Share Everyday Life With Asperger's
  • Best Ways to Travel With Autism and Incontinence
  • HELP: How Do I Stop My Son With Autism From Biting When He's Angry?
  • New Book on Autism Provides Loving Advice and Understanding
  • An Exclusive Look at AUTISM With Becky Schoenfeldt
  • Funding for a Lifetime of Needs With Autism is Critical