What's in this issue?

Managing Everyday Life

What worries you most as the parent or caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum? Is it finding appropriate therapies for your child? Is it securing a positive and safe educational environment? 

Are you up late at night worried about your child’s future? Do the day-to-day challenges of autism overwhelm you? Well, you’re not alone.

  • How to Build Social Skills for Life Using Minecraft
  • Outrunning Asperger’s: A Father’s Story of Love and Support
  • Remarkable Teen Creates Autism Awareness With Wearable Art
  • Is Autism Really Underestimated in Women?
  • Plus many more articles...

What Our Readers Are Saying

Jackie Stevens

The knowledge and tips from the magazine have assisted my family in gaining a hopefulness in helping him to cope and understand.  He is now willing to be touched and is now the biggest hugger in the house.

Areva Martin

As a devoted autism mom and advocate, I understand the distinct needs of autism families. Autism Parenting Magazine passionately provides its readers with the latest research and professional guidance families seek, while bringing a sense of unity to the autism community.

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