Connections With Karen: Secure Your Mask First
Here is expert advice for self-care so you can continue providing for your child more effectively.

Karen Kaplan, MS

Managing Burnout While Caring for Autistic Children
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Be Kind to Yourself: The Art of Balancing Parenting and Self-Care
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Amy Rutter

Caring For Ourselves (Yes, You Too!)
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BG Mancini, AP, PCP, and FMP

Supporting the Caregiver of a Child With Autism
Caregivers of an autistic child often go through the stages of grief, needing help, support, and self-care.
Carol Tatom, BA.HSE, CHW

9 Ways to Prioritize Self-Care
Here are some practical strategies to help caregivers nurture themselves.
Ali Perkinson, EdD CCC-SLP, BCBA-D

Supporting the Working Caregiver
Here are some resources where working caregivers of autistic individuals can find help and support.

Wendy Dawson, CEO

Neglect in Autism Caregiver Support Systems
One mother of an autistic boy provides reasons why many caregivers feel alone and unsupported.
Sue Kerstetter, BS

Toxic Versus Positive Selfcare
One neurodivergent mom and expert shares how positive self-care is important for the caregiver and child.
Dr. Tasnuva Tunna, PhD

Success Stories - Autism Independence and Success With the Right Job
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The Work-Life Balance Parenting an ASD Child
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Divorce and Transition: Love Across Two Homes

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Water Safety Super Powers for Autistic Kids and their Parents
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Dayna Harvey

Beyond Symptoms: The Gift of Autism
One physician and parent of a child with autism shares her perspective, hoping to provide support for others on this journey.
Melinda Edwards, MD

Ask Dr. Malcolm
Dr. Malcolm answers parents’ questions and concerns about their autistic children. You can submit your questions here.

Ronald I. Malcolm, EdD

Autism Warrior - Song of Inspiration

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Sophia Grech

What’s New on the Bookshelf? Place, Craft and Neurodiversity: Re-Imagining Potential through Education at Ruskin Mill
A new book shares a transformative method for supporting young people on the autistic spectrum.

Aonghus Gordon OBE, MEd, HonDUniv (honorary doctorate) and Laurence Cox, PhD

Poetry Corner:  The Nature of Flowers

Here is how one mom with a son on the spectrum describes the parents and caregivers of children with autism.

Becky Piercy

Dear Readers,

May is often a month of transition. Spring is in full bloom, with the weather beginning to teeter between warm breezes and hot sunshine. It’s also a month when, here in the US and many countries around the world, we honor or remember our moms, grandmothers, aunts, and other caregivers for Mother’s Day. Their nurturing spirits are what helped us become the people we are today.

Our theme this month is “Nurturing the Caregiver Within” - the women and men who tirelessly care for their individual on the spectrum. These people provide care, help, advice, advocacy, and most importantly, love. Being a caregiver to someone with autism can be emotional, joyful, and empowering, but other times, it can be exhausting. If caregivers don’t take the time to nurture and care for themselves, they might not be the best version of themselves in helping the person for whom they provide care.

When traveling on an airplane, the instruction given is to put on your own oxygen mask before helping someone else. The thought behind this is to gain enough oxygen and energy so you can help the others around you. Check out Karen Kaplan’s column where she writes about this topic in her article “Secure Your Mask First.” Amy Rutter, a parent of a young child with autism, also touches upon a similar thought in her article, “Be Kind to Yourself: The Art of Balancing Parenting and Self-Care.”

Following this same theme, BG Mancini, an autism expert, has written “Caring for Ourselves,” which might sound foreign to all the hard-working and selfless caregivers who don’t take a moment for themselves. Yet the simple ways she provides can help many to navigate those daily stressors. On the flip side, Sue Kerstetter has written “Neglect in Autism Caregiver Support Systems,” as she speculates why so many caregivers feel neglected and without support.

At Autism Parenting Magazine, we hope to support all our readers, parents, and caregivers with a variety of articles and columns that provide information on the topics in which you are most interested. We have several new columns premiering in June, and various writers will contribute their expertise each month. So be sure to check out “Social Skills and Communication,” “Behavior and Education,” “Tips and Tools for Transitions,” and “Positive Parenting and Self Care.”

As you transition through the seasons, honoring those who have provided nurturing for you, remember to think about all the ways you nurture others, including your child with autism. Then, take a deep breath, regain your strength, and forge ahead. Your child will appreciate you for it.

Happy reading!

Sharon Longo
Autism Parenting Magazine