Connections with Karen: Small Repeated Actions Lead to Life-Long Successes
How creating small manageable steps and repeating them can help make transitions more manageable.

Karen Kaplan, MS

Adapting to Change: 10 Tips For Autism Parents
Change can be difficult, especially for someone on the spectrum, but here are ten tips to help make the transition a bit easier.

Donnesa McPherson, AAS

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Helping Autistic Children Navigate Transitions
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15 Scenarios in Which Your Autistic Child Will Need Adaptive Skills
Find out what adaptive skills are, why they are necessary, and where these skills are needed.
Donnesa McPherson, AAS

Transitioning to Adulthood with Sensory Sensitivities
Parents with children on the spectrum are concerned about how their sensory sensitivities will affect them as they transition to adulthood.
Sharon Longo, BA

Time for Change with Concept Learning
How utilizing your child’s interests can make learning more fun.
Rachel Hawkins, BA

Autism and Suicide: 10 Things You Must Know
Here are ten “10” things to consider when dealing with the issue of suicide with your own child with autism.

Ronald I. Malcolm, EdD

Stereotypy and Autism: Understanding Repetitive Behavior
Exploring stereotypy for better understanding and acceptance.
Rachel Andersen

Zzzzz....5 Tips to Get Your Child Sleeping Soundly
An autism and anxiety sleep specialist provides useful tips to help your child get a better night’s sleep.
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How I am Lucky to Have Two Mothers and My Dad in My Life
This is my reflection of my journey of my dad and me through loss.
Angela Chapes

Should I Consider Respite Care for My Child with Autism?
Respite, often referred to as short break, is there to give parents time to recharge their batteries.

Hannah Gal

I’m Afraid of Confessing My Diagnosis

How one writer with autism overcame his fear of sharing his diagnosis.

Brian Nichtern, RBT

Has Your Child Reached the True Toilet Training Finish Line?
Helping your child become toilet-trained takes planning and preparation.

Cathy Collyer, OTR, LMT, CAPS

Autism Comorbidity: Conditions Commonly Found with Autism 
There are conditions that often present with autism. What are they, and what are the signs and symptoms?
Autism Diagnosis

How to Work with Autistic Adults:  A Modern Guide 
How to work with autistic adults in an environment that is understanding and willing to provide what the individual needs to succeed.

Donnesa McPherson, AAS

Understanding Noncontingent Reinforcement for Autism

How noncontingent reinforcement can help your child at home or school to reduce challenging behaviors.
Carol Tatom, BA.HSE, CHW

How I Found Hope After My Son’s Autism Diagnosis — And How You Can Too 

An Advertorial on one parent’s discovery after his son’s diagnosis.

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Autism Warrior: Trying In Public: How The Gym Is Teaching Me To Take Up Space As An Autistic Person

The gym can be an intimidating environment for most people, but for someone on the spectrum, it can be especially intimidating.

Kendra Findlay

What’s New on the Bookshelf? Can You Hear Me Now?

The book provides guidance, support, and advocacy for parents navigating the challenges of raising children with autism.

Pamela Furr

What’s New on the Bookshelf? What Today Withholds:  Autism and Human Rights in America

The author looks at the institutions that neglect and abuse autistic people in the US.

Megan McLaughlin

Poem:  The Lucky Ones
A poem about how a child with autism can change our perspective and our hearts.

Becky Piercy

Dear Readers,

November is often a month of transition. For many, the air begins to get crisp and cold. The leaves have fallen or blown away. Some find this time to be a bit sad with the barren landscape and bare branches reaching skyward. Yet it is also a season of feasts, warmth, and hospitality. Our theme this month is “Navigating Transitions,” and for our children, especially those on the spectrum, we need to help them see changes in their lives as new beginnings and celebrations. Whether they are learning a new skill or moving from one activity to another, any type of change can be unexpected and even scary. Giving our children those coping skills and support to help them through the major and even minor transitions in their lives will benefit them greatly.

One change here at Autism Parenting Magazine is the addition of a regular column called “Connections with Karen” featuring Karen Kaplan. Karen has written numerous articles for us over the years, and she will be using her background, skills, and talents each month to cover those important topics that every parent can use as a resource. This month, she talks about how “Small Repeated Actions Lead to Life-Long Successes,” using the repetition of small manageable steps to help make transitions go more smoothly. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with all of us.

We also have an author who has shared, very openly, about how they overcame talking about their diagnosis of autism. Brian Nichtern’s personal narrative, “I’m Afraid of Confessing My Diagnosis” reflects his journey from learning he had autism to finally sharing that discovery. Speaking of discoveries, learning new things about ourselves and how to navigate into new social realms can be very intimidating. Kendra Findlay, our Autism Warrior, has written about “Trying in Public: How the Gym is Teaching Me to Take Up Space as an Autistic Person” and how the gym can be a very daunting environment, especially for someone on the spectrum.

For children (and parents), getting through toilet training can be a huge transition. Cathay Collyer writes about this in her article, “Has Your Child Reached the True Toilet Training Finish Line?” To make it through many of these transitions, one needs to be able to adapt and have a few strategies on hand. Donnesa McPherson provides “15 Scenarios in Which Your Autistic Child Will Need Adaptive Skills,” and Jan Stewart explains the importance of “Helping Autistic Children Navigate Transitions.”

Change can be difficult, whether it is unexpected or planned. The road ahead may seem foreboding, like a forest of stark November trees obstructing the path. Yet through those branches you can always view the sky and find your way home. Whatever transitions you or your child may be navigating, take time to see the blessing and be thankful for each.

Happy reading!

Joshua Carstens
Autism Parenting Magazine