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My Family, Our Autism

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Amanda Auckland

Dear Readers,

While the month of April may be a time for wildlife to emerge, with some animals building shelters to protect their babies, for parents of children with autism, this may also be a time to assess or reassess the support systems in their lives. Our theme this month is “Building a Support Network,” and having a solid foundation of individuals and strategies, as well as an array of coping skills for the caregivers, is extremely important.

Because April is also Autism Acceptance Month, Jeremy Brown, a dad with two boys on the autism spectrum, shares his family’s personal narrative called “Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month.” While each family’s story is different and important, Amanda Auckland celebrates her autistic family members in her article, “My Family, Our Autism.

Many parents and caregivers may feel as if they are getting lost in everything they must do for their child with autism, but the parenting advice provided by Preeja Balan and Usha Nayar in their article, “Finding the U in Autism” may help many parents on their journey to find their way while navigating their child’s world.

While parents and caregivers can always use some help in knowing what to do to help their neurodiverse child, it’s also important to provide some self-support. A caregiver can’t be of much help if they are unwell or losing steam. Take a look at “Coping Strategies for Autism Caregivers,” by Shazeen Ahmad for some helpful tips.

We know how important it is to provide help for our children with autism, but it is also important to provide encouragement and assistance to our neurotypical children as they deal with the difficulties that may arise as the sibling of a child on the spectrum. Donnesa McPherson explores this topic with her article, “How to Support the Siblings of a Child with ASD.”

Finally, sometimes finding that one helpful hint or idea, especially when it comes to alleviating any fears or anxieties our children may have, can make a world of difference. Dr. Evelyn Chan is a pediatrician who shares her experience with this in her article, “Virtual Reality Aids Anxiety and Phobia Reduction in Children with Autism.

As you look at all of the support systems in your child’s life, remember that you are part of that important network. Accept your own short-comings and forge ahead so you can focus on all the wonderful ways your child has progressed and shone. Share those milestones with others so they may also celebrate with you and take part in making others aware of and accepting of all those with autism.

Happy reading!

Mark Blakey
Autism Parenting Magazine