Motor Planning and Cognitive Skills

What's in this issue?

It’s common for autistic children to have challenges with motor and cognitive skills; that’s ok, with the right support many can build their abilities in these areas. This magazine issue is jam-packed with advice, tips, and ideas for readers to try with their families. You might want to start by reading 10 Tips For Parents of Autistic Children to Improve Motor and Cognitive Skills which presents a range of solutions—from utilizing social stories to reframing goals. We also have plenty of content covering behavior, communication, sensory, independence, and so much more. We hope you enjoy the read.

Featured in this issue:

  • 10 Tips for Parents of Autistic Children to Improve Motor and Cognitive Skills
  • Teaching Problem Solving to Increase Flexibility and Independence
  • Help! My Child is Six (or Older) and Struggles With Following Directions
  • Is Autism a Cognitive Disorder?
  • Life After 21
  • Motor Planning and Children with Autism
  • The Unforgettable Easter Egg Hunt
  • Sensory Cognition in Autism: What's the Connection?
  • HELP: My Son Has Stopped Communicating With Me
  • A Cup of Coffee With…Rachna Malkani
  • Accepting Autism
  • Benefits of Physical Therapy for Autism
  • Autism Warrior: Jose Rodriguez
  • Five Examples of True Courage in Your Child
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? Mrs Wrinkles and the Emotion Potion
  • Moving With a Child on the Autism Spectrum
  • Poetry Corner: Heartache to Hope
  • Benefits of Using a Visual Timer for Autism
  • Executive Dysfunction in Children with Autism
  • What’s New on the Bookshelf? Body in Space: My Life with Tammy
  • An Autistic Adult’s Tips for Independent Living
  • Dog-Assisted Therapy for Children with Autism
  • HELP: I Fear For My Daughter’s Independent Future Without Me