What Are the Principles of ABA?
Are you confused about ABA therapy? This article explains the basic principles.

Carol Tatom, RBT

Home Design for Hyper and Hyposensitivities
ABA therapy is a hot topic. Read on to discover the views of adults on the spectrum.

Martha Oschwald

Exploring the Controversy Around ABA Therapy
Learn three things to keep in mind when making decisions about the therapy your child with autism receives.
Karla Pretorius, M. Psych

Five Ways to Avoid Handwriting Regression Over Summer
An occupational therapist advises how to maintain your child’s motor skills development.

Megan Huggins, MOT, OTR/L, CTP

Can Parents do ABA Therapy at Home?

If you want to bring ABA therapy into the home but don’t know where to start, this article should help.

Kristina Walsh, BHR

ASD: Not to Be Confused with Depression or Grief

A psychologist shares how autism symptoms can be misunderstood in undiagnosed children.

Stuart Chesner, PhD

How Much Does ABA Therapy Cost?
Advice for parents about how much ABA therapy costs and how to go about funding it for your child

By APM Staff

Creating Your Village: Tips from an Autism Mom
Having a network of supportive individuals, who can carry you through your autism parenting journey, is essential. 

Miesha Gibson, BS, MA, ELL

Poetry Corner:
Come Touch His Cheek
Gary Shulman, MS Ed

What Does ABA Contribute to the Autism Community?
Two academics analyze the nuts and bolts of ABA therapy in the autism community.
Rachel Schwartz, PhD, BCBA-D and Nana Uchida

A Different Kind of Happy
An autism mom shares her views on what happiness means to special needs families.

Tulika Prasad

How to Deal With Tantrums
A psychologist’s advice for dealing with temper tantrums.

Donald Mena

Welcome Home: A Short Story
A short story offering a glimpse behind the eyes of a young girl on the autism spectrum.

Kim Wedler

Are iPads and Tablets Helpful for Autistic Children?

An autism mom shares how using an iPad has benefited her daughter and offers tips for fellow parents.

Sonia Johnson

Understanding Grief: Through the Eyes of a Psychiatrist and Autism Mom
An autism mom and child psychiatrist shares her journey through grief and accepting her son’s autism diagnosis

Lorerky Ramirez-Moya, MD, and Allison Hopkins

Can AI Technology Help Tackle Disparities in Autism Diagnosis?
Will artificial intelligence soon play a part in diagnosing autism spectrum disorder?

David Happel, MBA


An educator offers a mom advice for her kid who struggles with patterns and numbers.

Ron Malcolm, EdD

What’s New on the Bookshelf?: The Twins Superpowers

Written in both English and Spanish, this book shares the adventures of a set of twins on the spectrum.

Leaving Only The Hard Part of Autism

An autism mom shares how she came to terms with her son’s diagnosis.

Katie Emde

What You May Not Already Know about ABA Therapy

Offering readers an inside perspective into the potential benefits of ABA therapy

JC Ellinger, MBA

ASD Marketplace: SammySocks Etc.

Learn about SammySocks Etc., which offers socks for men, women, and children.

An AUTISM Interview with John Hale

A conversation with autism dad John Hale about his family’s journey.

Derrick Hayes

A Cup of Coffee With... Carol Garner-Houston, Brain Harmony

Dramatic? Or Passionate and Expressive?

A look at how you, as a parent, can identify your child’s red flags and develop coping strategies.

Karen Kaplan, MS

What’s New on the Bookshelf?: Expect a Miracle

A moving book co-authored from the separate voices of an autistic young adult and his mother.

Q&A: Answering ABA Queries from Parents

An ABA provider answers parents’ most pressing questions about ABA therapy

Angela West, MS, BCBA, LBA

ASD Marketplace: The Safety Sleeper®

Learn about this medical enclosed safety bed for those who can benefit from a secure sleeping space

What’s New on the Bookshelf?: My Nothingness Gone, My World Speaks

Discover this unique book created by a woman who does not speak, yet creates art through a variety of forms.

Learning to Laugh

An adult on the spectrum advises parents on how to help their children learn to laugh at themselves and with others in a positive way.

Claudia Rose Addeo, MS

FAQs about Guardianship (Continued)

Financial planner Ryan Platt builds on his advice for parents confused about applying for Guardianship for young adults.

Ryan F. Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC

Dear Readers,

In this issue, we’re unwrapping the hot topic of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy. ABA is a long-standing therapy used for children on the autism spectrum to target challenging behaviors, increase social and communication abilities, as well as teach life skills.

Most autism parents have heard of ABA and many are big supporters. Others are somewhat skeptical. At Autism Parenting Magazine, we remain balanced on most topics: we believe ABA (and indeed all therapies) is only ever as good as the provider. We’ve heard many positive stories from families about ABA and we’ve also heard from parents who are unsure. So, we’re tackling some of the biggest FAQs surrounding ABA in this month’s pages. 

Featured articles from autism experts include What Are the Principles of ABA?, Can Parents do ABA Therapy at Home?, What Does ABA Contribute to the Autism Community?, and What You May Not Already Know About ABA Therapy.

We’ve also compiled an article asking How Much Does ABA Therapy Cost? This piece explains the options of state-funded therapy, insurance company backing, school-funded therapy, scholarships and financial assistance, and private payment.

The other side of applied behavior analysis is considered in Karla Pretorius’ article, Exploring the Controversy Around ABA Therapy, which includes stories from autistic adults who have had negative ABA experiences. We know it’s important for parents to be well-informed when making any decision for their children and we hope this content helps.

Also in this issue, we’re looking at home design for hyper and hyposensitivities, ways to avoid handwriting regression over the summer, the use of artificial intelligence for autism diagnosis, and so much more.

Enjoy the read.

Emily Ansell Elfer
Autism Parenting Magazine