Leading With Choice: Honoring And Empowering Autistic Children
Find out how offering Structured choices to your child with autism can lead to easier and happier parent-child interactions.

Colette McNeil, MA

10 Strategies You Can Use To Teach Your Child With Autism About Money
Prepare your autistic child for independence by teaching him/her financial skills.

Andrew Komarow

Manage Your Child’s Autism With A Tailored Diet
Understand the strong correlation between nutrition and autism symptoms as well as the importance of individualizing a healthy diet for your autistic child.

Dr. M. Walid Qoronfleh

Three Lessons The Coronavirus Pandemic Taught Me About Special Needs Families
Read valuable insight into the positive understanding the pandemic offers about those with special needs and their families.

Deanna Picon

Sensory Processing Disorder: The Ultimate Guide

An overview of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), from diagnosis to its difficulties, to sensory aides and exercises.

Annette Nuñez, PhD, lMFT

Getting A Genetic Diagnosis Quicker

Read how a new approach to genetic testing can greatly reduce financial and emotional strain on families waiting for a diagnosis.

Dr. Christine Stanley

From A Daughter With Autism

Georgia Fielding grew up as a child with autism—but she didn’t know it. Read about how her experience shaped her family and the message she has for autism parents.

Georgia Fielding

Preparing Students With Autism To Transition Into Life After High School
Learn how you can encourage your child with autism to develop financial and emotional independence for life after graduation.

Crystal Gallagher

Though The Eyes OF A Middle Schooler With Special Needs
Find out how Claudia Rose Addeo survived middle school with a learning disability and her advice for helping your child thrive through the preteen years.

Claudia Rose Addeo, BS, MS

Poetry Corner: 
Mothering Autism

Brittany Benko

Poetry Corner: 

Mary Kangas

Poetry Corner: 
Be Strong 

Amanda Harrinauth

Using Halloween As A Teaching Tool For Children With Autism 

How halloween can be an excellent opportunity to teach and hone social skills for your autistic child.

Dr. Ron Malcolm

Neuroplasticity And The Importance Of Sensory Integration 

Learn how sensory stimulation can improve motor control and cognitive function across most types of nervous system dysfunction, especially when facilitated by an occupational therapist.

Rebecca Duvall Scott

What’s New On The Bookshelf?

Winkle In The Lunchroom 

Suzanne Caron’s children’s book introduces Winkle, a young owl who is being left out by its classmates. Told from Winkle’s point of view, the story follows how the owl learns to communicate its feelings.

Healthy Halloween Mice Recipe 

Does your child with autism have food intolerances? This could be the perfect snack for a fun and healthy halloween.

Ruthangela Bernadette

An Exclusive Look At Autism With Jennifer Block 

Jennifer Block, the mother of a son with autism, shares her struggles, inspirations, and keys for success.

Derrick Hayes

Everything You Need To Know About Gender And Autism 

Discover how gender and autism may be connected and what research still needs to be done.

Cheri S. Jones

ASD Marketplace Friendometry:

A Friend Finding Service For Kids With Social Challenges 

Read about friendometry.com, where parents can go to find other parents who are seeking friends for their children that are in their geographical area.

Oh, Poop! Fecal Smearing In Children With Autism 

Discover why fecal smearing may happen and what you can do to help your child reduce this behavior.

Kelly Beins, BA BHSc, OTR/l

What Can We Do To Prepare For College? 

Learn the importance of researching the supports and opportunities a college can offer your autistic child.

Marcia Eckerd, PhD

Can I Prepare For My Son’s Future Using Income-Producing Real Estate? 

Find out what you should know if you are considering buying income-producing real estate for your child with autism’s special needs trust.

Ryan f. Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC

As I start writing my first Editor’s Letter for Autism Parenting Magazine, I can’t help but think that now is a time of change – the seasons are changing, the school year has fully begun, and people worldwide are adapting to different ways of life following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many families are adjusting back to their previous routines following various lockdowns, homeschooling is continuing for some, while many parents are also adapting to life with their children back in the classroom or resuming their usual activities. Change is never easy, especially for the autistic community, but it enables everyone to grow and discover new experiences – big or small.

Change is also afoot at Autism Parenting Magazine as I’m settling into my first month in the editor’s chair. I am so excited to get to know our readers, contributors, and supporters – and to be part of a magazine that is such a valuable resource to families all over the world.

This issue’s theme is ‘Attaining Good Health’ and it’s packed full of insight, tips and personal narratives.  Dr. M. Walid Qoronfleh has shared advice on how to Manage Your Child’s Autism with a Tailored Diet, while Annette Nuñez considers exercises and sensory aides to help manage Sensory Processing Disorder.

Plus, in Dr. Christine Stanley’s article, Getting a Genetic Diagnosis Quicker, we’re looking at a new approach to genetic testing, and Crystal Gallagher’s piece, Preparing Students with Autism to Transition into Life After High School, offers ideas for how to encourage your child to develop independence after graduation.

And we haven’t forgotten about Halloween! Take a look at Dr. Ron Malcolm’s article, Using Halloween as a Teaching Tool for Children with Autism, which suggests the holiday is a great time for honing your child’s social skills. We’ve also included a Healthy Halloween Mice Recipe from Ruthangela Bernadette to create a tasty Halloween for the whole family. There’s all this – and much more – inside.

Remember, this is your magazine. So feel free to get in touch to say hello and let me know what you want to see more of in our pages – you can email [email protected]. I look forward to getting to know you all.

Until next month, take care of yourselves and each other. 

Emily Ansell Elfer