What’s New on the Bookshelf: When Kids Fly

(2015) Parents of children with sensory integration challenges will finally have access to a clear and concise treatment resource straight from an industry-leading professional. With the upcoming release When Kids Fly: Solutions for Children with Sensory Integration Challenges, Sally Fryer Dietz has assembled her unprecedented knowledge from over thirty years as a physical and sensory integration therapist into a guidebook to help parents teach their sensory challenged children to thrive.

What's New on the Bookshelf: When Kids Fly https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/whats-new-on-bookshelf-when-kids-fly With an easy conversational style, in which the author candidly discusses her own journey involving sensory integration challenges with her own son,

When Kids Fly takes the fear and anxiety out of parenting these interesting and special children. The book explains what red flags to look for, how to address individual issues in rational and practical ways, as well as providing information on effective treatment options.

Observing challenges in child development can be difficult and frightening and until now, there has not been such a reliable and easy to understand the source of comprehensive knowledge.

When Kids Fly contains the newest most innovative approaches to treating children with sensory integration challenges. It is a must-have for parents and teachers who nurture these children.

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Sally Dietz

Sally Fryer Dietz, Founder and Director of Integrative Pediatric Therapy in Dallas Texas, is a physical therapist, developmental specialist, sensory integration expert, child advocate, and mother. As a leading authority in therapeutic pediatrics and the mother of two boys who learned in entirely different ways, she has helped thousands of children live healthier, happier lives. She has taught internationally and has received worldwide media attention for her innovative therapy methods she brings to life in When Kids Fly. Born in Berkley California, Sally lives in Dallas Texas, with her husband Mark Dietz.