Take the Time To Understand Us Kids With Autism

To me, a child with autism is a child who thinks differently. There are terms and labels used to categorize us, but I just say our brain works in a different way. Knowing that we are different is a good thing. It’s even better to accept it and know that it’s okay to be different. Having autism is not something we can help at all. A child with autism needs the acceptance and support of his/her parents.

Take the Time To Understand Us Kids With Autism https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/time-to-understand-with-autism/

There are a lot of ways for parents to support a child who has been diagnosed with autism. One way to support your child is to try to comfort him/her when having a hard time. But make sure you know what type of comforting your child likes.

Another way to support your child is to let others know about your child. People sometimes fear what they perceive as different or unfamiliar. It’s important to let people involved in your child’s life know that your child may think and act differently than what they’re used to. It is important for your child to know it’s okay to be different, but you should also support him/her if he/she wants to be treated like other children. As a child diagnosed with autism, sometimes I don’t like being treated too differently or like I can’t do things other kids can do.

Another way of support is letting your child have personal space. Sometimes, if a child wants to be alone allow him/her  to be alone, if possible. A big way to support your child with autism is to listen to him/her. Pay attention to what your child tells you about things like how he/she feel is feeling, what he/she likes and doesn’t like. If your child is nonverbal, watch the behaviors and body language to try to figure out what they are communicating. This is the most important way to support a child with autism because it could help you get to know your child. Different children might respond differently depending on the type of support you give. So getting to know what type of support works for them will be helpful.

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If a child with autism does not have the support of his/her parents, he/she might feel alone like with no one in his/her corner. Children also might feel like their parents are ashamed of them if they aren’t getting support.

Supporting your child with autism can make him/her feel good. Knowing that a parent didn’t choose for you to have autism, but still accepts and supports you, is a soothing feeling. It’s important for a child with autism to know someone understands him/her or is at least trying to understand. Not just someone, but parents. As a parent, you should try to have the closest relationship with your child. Parents are a child’s first teacher, comfort and support system. A parent is a person to trust most and to feel safe with. When a child has parent support, it could help him/her cope with autism. Even if your child is not able to say it, he/she may be able to sense your support.  When I get the support I feel loved and wanted. I know someone cares and I’m not alone.

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JaMar Taylor

JaMar Taylor is a 10-year-old boy from Washington State. Diagnosed with autism around the age of eight, he began using his imagination to write unique stories. JaMar became a published author at the age of 10. He loves to use what he calls his “unique brain” to create humorous and informational content for others. JaMar also enjoys sharing a different perspective on many topics, including autism. Book: All About Me: Truth or Fiction.