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Poetry Corner: The Day You Ran Away

March 8, 2021

The Day You Ran Away

A family day out; it’s a beautiful day

The sun is shining; it’s brisk, not cold

You’re running around and laughing

That sound never gets old


We’re waiting for our table

I promise it won’t be long

I know you’re getting irritable

Please wait; please hold on


Then I hear those awful words

Those words that tell me you’re gone

No one knows where you are

You were just here; having fun!

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We search everywhere for you

But you’re nowhere to be seen

Time stood still before me

I was sickened with disbelief


Finally, we found you

Laying down, playing with trains

You don’t understand why I’m crying

You don’t understand my pain

This article was featured in Issue 94 – Daily Strategies Families Need

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