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A Loving Mom’s Look: The Autism Poem

October 11, 2023

Your kid was diagnosed with autism and you don’t know what to do…

‘Where do I even start?! I don’t have a clue!’

You may have hoped for a healthy child and a perfect life…

This diagnosis may have cut you like a knife.

A Loving Mom's Look: The Autism Poem

You may feel down or in the dumps…

But autism is not all bad; you will have some triumphs!

You may have meltdowns every day…

Figure out his triggers to keep them at bay!

Believe in your child, no matter what!

You are his advocate now; no one else makes the cut.

He may never say ‘mama’ ‘daddy’ or ‘I love you’…

But those smiles…those giggles…they are true blue.

He will show his love in different ways.

Just remember this poem for the rest of your days…

He may depend on you for everything under the sun,

But at the end of the day, your family will have won!

He will teach you great patience and feed your soul…

He will take your broken heart and make it whole.

Your new life is just beginning, it is like a fresh start.

Don’t forget to make a medication chart!

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Document your milestones and celebrate them too.

Small ones, big ones, they are all a huge WOOHOO!

Give yourself grace and practice self-care.

You give so much of yourself, it’s only fair!

Accept your child for who they are,

Do this and you will go far.

Don’t let the doctors scare you, and don’t give up hope!

Try to find a way to cope.

Have dreams for your little one, that is the key.

Don’t let this diagnosis stop you from being FREE!

This article was featured in Issue 98 – Fresh ASD Guidance For A New Year

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