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Seven Heartfelt Father’s Day Gifts For Special Needs Dads

Seven Heartfelt Father’s Day Gifts For Special Needs Dads https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/gifts-for-special-needs-dads/

Happy Father’s Day! I’m writing this letter to let you know how much I appreciate you and the important role you play in my life. There’s no greeting card that could possibly tell you how much you mean to me. Fathering a special needs child requires inner strength, patience and extraordinary love for one’s son […]

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A Letter of Understanding and Unconditional Love

A Letter of Understanding and Unconditional Love https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/letter-understanding-unconditional-love

This letter is addressed to anyone who loves a person on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or wants a better understanding. Eight doctors, blood work, and a brain scan later, no one could clearly explain autism or tell us why it happened to our son. Our hope is that this letter helps to lift fears, […]

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A Private Look at Autism and Motherhood

A Private Look at Autism and Motherhood https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/a-look-at-autism-motherhood

Sometimes life is too much. I feel this way. Of course, she feels this way too. How am I supposed to instill in my girl a capacity for dignity and self-respect, while I also acknowledge her requisite burden of crippling unease? I must be her example.  I’m duty-bound to set a precedent. Not always sure […]

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Parenting and Autisming – A Loving Perspective

Parenting having Autism - A Loving Perspective

There are many articles about parenting a child with autism, but what about parenting when you’re the one with autism? I’ve heard it said that people with autism don’t like relationships or children.  I should probably let all the mothers and fathers with autism know they’ve clearly been “autisming” wrong. When I autism (it’s a […]

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A Mother’s Unconditional Love For Her Daughter with Autism

Mother's Love For Daughter with ASD

What is the definition of unconditional love? One definition I found was: “It is the caring and loving of another person and not thinking of what is in it for you or what you get out of it.” I recently wrote a book about my daughter’s life journey with autism, The Autistic Author and Animator, […]

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A Powerful Look at Motherhood – Being Mom Without the Adjective that Precedes it

A look at motherhood

Have you ever defined the word “Mom?” No, not the Merriam-Webster dictionary definition, but truly what it means to be a Mom. It’s not an easy question to answer, because a Mom is so many things. There’s the Working Mom, Soccer Mom, Cool Mom, Strict Mom, and basically any word you want to insert in […]

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Issue 47 – Motherhood – An Unconditional Love

Issue 47 features

  Buy Single Issue Subscribe today and save 50% Features: Using Mindfulness to Conquer Parental Stress Now Expert advice on stress reduction strategies for parents of children with autism. Dr. Neill Broderick and Colin Rhodes, M.Sc. How an Amazing Cat Changed My Child with Autism’s World Mother to Iris Grace, the young artist known for […]

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