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Top Tricycle a Sweet Ride for People with Special Needs

Top Tricycle a Sweet Ride for People with Special Needs http://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/special-needs-tricycle-sweet-ride/

Product:  Nuvotrike 20 inch tricycle. Great for individuals with the desire to ride a bicycle but unable to balance on a traditional bicycle. Currently used by individuals of many ability levels. Cost:  $299 Introducing the Nuvotrike which has a patented design with a spring suspension to potentially absorb joint stress when transitioning over different surfaces. […]

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How to Transition Your Young Adult with Asperger’s Into the World

How to Transition Your Young Adult with Asperger's Into the World https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/transition-young-adult-aspergers-world

Are you intimidated by the “failure to launch” syndrome for your young adult with autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? For most parents, the term translates into a fear factor, restraining them from helping their young adults with Asperger’s syndrome to transition into the adult world. As a parent, your support and perception of your child’s ability […]

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Autism Schools and Education Facilities – The Ultimate Guide

As we all know, no two children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are alike.  Experts agree, children with autism learn differently and have a wide range of developmental and educational needs. Unfortunately, teachers and support staff are often unfamiliar with the special needs of kids diagnosed with autism and struggle to teach them effectively.  And, […]

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