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This Is My House: Why I Placed My Son With Autism in a Group Home

This Is My House: Why I Placed My Son With Autism in a Group Home https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-in-a-group-home/

All parents schedule their kid’s departure from their home to be around the age of 18 years. I often joke that my twins have an 18-year contract in my house and then they get the boot. So it is hard to put into words how that deadline got moved up by 12 years for my […]

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Expert Ways on Handling the Stressors of Thanksgiving with ASD

Ways to Handle Thanksgiving Stressors as Autism Parent

In many ways, Thanksgiving is a perfect storm of challenges for children on the autism spectrum and for their parents.  Not only is the holiday built around every possible stressor, but it also provides virtually no outlets for autistic strengths. In an ideal world, you’d have family and friends who fully understand your child’s needs […]

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Issue 25 – The Benefits of Tele-Therapy and Behavior Support

Dear Readers, From the traditional American and Canadian customs of Thanksgiving to the upcoming celebrations of Hanukkah and Christmas, one thing remains common this time of year: holiday gatherings. Typically, this is time for people to slow down a little, rejoice in their beliefs, and maybe take the time to appreciate one another. Unfortunately, as […]

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