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Simple Ways Parents and Professionals Can Help Children With ASD

Simple Ways Parents and Professionals Can Help Children With ASD https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/ways-to-help-children-with-asd/

As a professional working extensively in the area of special education needs I saw a pattern as I interacted with different professionals and parents. The interesting part is that this pattern is unintentional as we don’t know whether what we are doing is right or wrong which leads to a lot of anxiety and confusion […]

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Valuable Ways to Prepare Your Child with Autism for a Hospital Stay


Four years ago I had the terrible experience of taking my son, Sebastian, for an extended hospital stay.  The day was like any other in upstate NY, snowy, cold, and we were rugged up in layers of clothes to stay warm.  Sebastian has always had a great sense of play but this day he seemed […]

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Issue 27 – Embracing a New Year

Dear Readers, The start of a new year provides an opportune time for change – a chance to wipe the slate clean.  From a pledge to lose weight, reduce debt or quit a unhealthy habit, the first few weeks of January are typically filled with a mixture of really good intentions. While all these resolutions […]

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