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Learning Life’s Important Lessons from a Kindergartner

Learning Life's Important Lessons from a Kindergartner https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/life-important-lessons-kindergartner

“I’m Olivia and I’m five,” the young girl announces to everyone she meets. I’m her kindergarten teacher, and just in case I’ve forgotten, she introduces herself to me that way almost every day. I haven’t forgotten Olivia, and I never will. I’ve learned to look at the world through her eyes, and in doing so I’ve learned […]

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Excelling in Life with Asperger’s – A Unique Perspective

Excelling in Life with ASD

Flying out over the green hills of Western North Carolina, I had the tugging feeling that I had left something behind.  I did the regular checks: credit cards, phone, purse, etc., yet the feeling that I was missing something continued. I finally realized what I had left behind: my son.  Most readers would immediately think […]

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