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Types of Autism Behavior Interventions


What is an intervention? Intervention for autism involves taking action, often with outside help, to improve a specific condition or behavior. A successful intervention requires the cooperation of the child, parent, and therapist. With consistent practice and teamwork, interventions can make a difference. There are many interventions that address the many challenges parents encounter when […]

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Medical Cannabis, Autism, and the Transformation of Medicine

Medical Cannabis, Autism, and the Transformation of Medicine https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/medical-cannabis-autism-transformation-medicine/

In 1987, during my freshman year at Lehigh University, our first English assignment was to write a letter to an elected official advocating for a controversial issue of our choosing. I decided to write my United States congressman to express why I believed marijuana should be legalized. What was supposed to be a three to […]

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How to Teach ABA Without Making Your Child a Robot

How to Teach ABA Without Making Your Child a Robot https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/teach-without-making-child-robot/

His life was a routine. His life was a schedule. His life stepped. His day-to-day life was chronological. We evolve into the militant enforcers of a strict routine, a strict schedule, the strict followers of chronological order, and we do not delve from that line. Yet, in the physics of constant movement, in the physics […]

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Benefits and Uses of Weighted Vest for Autism

Benefits and Uses of Weighted Vest for Autism https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/weighted-vest-benefits-for-autism/

What is a weighted vest? A weighted vest is a garment worn over clothing with extra weight added within the vest. This is done either by using heavy fabric or filling the vest’s pockets with weighted objects such as steel bars or sandbags. It is designed to add between five to ten percent of a […]

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HELP: How Do I Stop My Son With Autism From Biting When He’s Angry?

HELP: How Do I Stop My Son With Autism From Biting When He's Angry? https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-son-biting-when-angry/

Dear Rob, My son used to bang his head but he has stopped. For the past two months, he has been pushing and biting children in the classroom for no reason. At home, he is trying to bite us when he gets angry about not getting what he wants. Please tell me why he is […]

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Fun and Affordable Sensory Play Ideas for Kids With Special Needs

Fun and Affordable Sensory Play Ideas for Kids With Special Needs https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/special-needs-sensory-play-ideas/

Sensory play is important for the development of all children—and that’s even truer for children on the autism spectrum who might have sensory integration issues. Whether it’s climbing a tree, squishing Play-Doh through their fingers, blowing bubbles, or burying their feet in the sand, sensory play stimulates the senses and helps children discover and understand […]

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Autism Stimming: Causes, Management, and Types

Autism Stimming: Causes, Management, and Types https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-stimming-causes-management-and-types

What is stimming? Stimming or stim is a shortened term for self-stimulation and is one of the many indicators of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). A person who stims shows repetitive body movements that can involve all five senses or moving objects in a repetitive motion. It is also called “stereotypy.” Causes of stimming Although the […]

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Top Ways to Find the Best Job for Someone with Severe Autism

Maintaining Strength and Courage During the Holidays https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/find-best-job-severe-autism

As a special education teacher and a caretaker for people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I constantly worry about the futures of my students/clients. More specifically, I wonder whether or not they will be able to acquire employment. For some individuals, such as those with high-functioning autism and Asperger’s, there are several vocational training programs […]

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Issue 5 – What is Hippotherapy and how is it helpful for children on the Autistic Spectrum

This issue features Hippotherapy and how it is helpful for children on the Autism Spectrum. Other article include: +Auditory Stimming – stuttering as a form of stimulation +Autism is like a cough, let me explain +The most important part of a parenting plan is YOU +Friend 2 Friend Centre: Social Play Groups +Autistic children proven […]

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