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7 Things You Should Know About Special Needs Mums

7 Things You Should Know About Special Needs Mums https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/about-special-needs-mums

So this is the challenge and my dilemma. On the one hand, my son (who is 29 years old) is a total joy, makes me laugh, and can be  great company. But on the other hand, he drives me crazy. He doesn’t see anything through. He has no sense of consequences for his actions. He […]

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The Rewards of Creating a Special Time with Attention-Seeking Children

Special Time is a technique which helps a child understand exactly when they will receive undivided attention, as a means of reducing anxiety laden attention seeking behaviors, or as a means of improving relationships when the child is defiant or alienated. Suggestion of this technique in no way implies that this child does not receive […]

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Issue 42 – Autism: Fighting the Stigmas

  Subscribe today and save 50% Features: The Never-Ending Battle for Autism Rights A Special Interview with Civil Rights Attorney Areva Martin Meet autism advocate and attorney Areva Martin who is currently representing Vityut Gopal and Parul Agrawal, and their son with autism as neighbors have filed a lawsuit in an effort to have him […]

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