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How Do I Know if Our Special Needs Trust is Adequate?

Sarah asks: “I had a special needs trust created by our family attorney years ago, and I am wondering if someone should review this document to make sure it was written right. I ask this because another mom in our parent support group who had a testamentary special needs trust had issues when the grandmother […]

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Issue 46 – The Time for Acceptance

Issue 46 Features

  Buy Single Issue Subscribe today and save 50%   Features: Autism Awareness – Easy Ways to Help Your Child Make a True Connection Excellent advice for parents on how to include children in raising autism awareness through the forging of friendships in the community. Lisa Timms Why Autism Awareness? Because No One Gains from […]

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Issue 45 – Protecting Your Child with Autism

  Buy Single Issue Subscribe today and save 50%   Features: Your Child with Special Needs Is Entitled to a Free and Appropriate Education But Where Do You Start? A leading autism and children’s rights advocate explains the need to create strong parent/school district partnerships to ensure children receive appropriate placement and the best education […]

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What Is the Best Way To Fund A Special Needs Trust?

Question: I have a Special Needs Trust for my son; however, I am not funding it at this time.  I just have not been able to find the extra money in our budget to fund the special needs trust, especially after we save for our own retirement.  What is the best way to fund a […]

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