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Exciting Ways Sound and Music Can Help Your Child’s Development

Exciting Ways Sound and Music Can Help Your Child's Development sound-music-for-childs-development

Autism is a wide, all-encompassing term that covers a variety of conditions, most of which include a difficulty in connecting with others through communication and relationship skills.  First diagnosed in 1943 by the pioneering psychiatrist Leo Kanner, autism has been studied for over half a century, with researchers continuously discovering new methods to help care […]

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Treating Sensory Processing Issues with Bill Mueller – Podcast 7

We discuss treating Sensory Processing Issues using Sound Therapy. Bill Mueller has pioneered an incredible set of technology that can be used to treat Sensory Issues. Mark: My name is Mark Blakey and I’m here today with Bill Mueller and he is an expert of Sensory Processing Disorder. He has a very interesting career history, […]

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