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Issue 9 – Emotional Journey of Parenting a Special Child

Featuring: The Thin-Red Line by Kim McCafferty Autism & Wandering: 20 Ways To Help Ensure The Safety Of Our Autistic Loved Ones by Brenda Kosky Deskin The Magic Number by S.R. Salas 3 Ways 3 Says by Laurie Jacobs Autism in the News  by Amy Greenberg A review of the go go blanket by Leslie Burby The Parental Hero Journey by Natalia […]

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Issue 8 – Autism and the Vacation Season

Featuring: Vacation -The Big Green Monster  by Jamie Thomas The 6 Weeks Holiday by B’s Dad Disney on the Spectrum by Katherine Resch Interview with Janet Grillo writer and director of Fly Away the movie by Leslie A. Burby Autism in the News: Carly by Mark Blakey Not-So-Accommodating Accommodations by Jeannie Davide-Rivera Books in the Spotlight: Starbrite Traveler by Jesemine Jones and […]

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Issue 7 – Instructions not Included: When ASD Siblings Need Emotional Instruction

Featuring: Instructions Not Included: When ASD Siblings Need Emotional Instruction by S.R. Salas Where There’s Anger, There’s Fear by Ariane Zurcher Interview: Susan Louise Peterson by Leslie Burby The Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth by Kimberlee Rutan McCafferty Autism in the News by Leslie Burby Siblings: A Plan for Them by Dr. Irene […]

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