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These Autism Mom Hacks Will Make Your Day

These Autism Mom Hacks Will Make Your Day https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-mom-hacks

I have three autistic children, along with three who are neurotypical. They were all born within a 12-year period. As you might imagine, our family household was a wild and crazy 20-year rollercoaster ride as they were all growing up. I, through desperation, trial and error, magical luck, and vivid imagination, came up with what […]

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Survival Tips for In-Home Therapy You Need to Know

Survival Tips for In-Home Therapy You Need to Know https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/survival-tips-in-home-therapy

So, you have decided that in-home therapy is the right move for you and your child. You’ve had the referral and the assessment, and the insurance company says yes—you’re all set, right? Well, almost! Before the therapist even rings the doorbell, take a moment to read eight tips for therapy survival to help make your […]

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Book in the Spotlight: Grace Figures Out School

Grace Figures Out School by Leslie Burby   One of the biggest struggles I face as a parent with children on the spectrum is the judgmental comments that are frequently tossed my way.  This children’s book was inspired by my daughter with Asperger’s when she was told to “throw out her ice cream cone” and […]

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Book Review by Trev’s mom

Rules by Cynthia Lord   The book is very well structured.  The flow is easy to read.  I seldom read a book in one day, but did with this one.  This book was on target and families who live with Autism can certainly relate to the life situations in this story.  The story was told […]

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