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After the Autism Diagnosis: What Should I Do?

After the Autism Diagnosis: What Should I Do? https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-diagnosis-what-to-do/

A friend’s child was recently diagnosed with autism and she reached out with some questions for me. “What would I do differently after getting the diagnosis that my son had autism, knowing what I know now?” And, “What did I recommend doing now that they had a diagnosis of autism for their child?” My sister […]

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Who Can Help Secure My Special Needs Child’s Future?

Question: “As 2016 begins, I am thinking again about planning for my son and his future with special needs.  He is 14 years old, and at this time we are not sure how much support he will need in the future.  His mother and I feel so overwhelmed, but we just don’t know where to […]

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5 Ways to Deal When You Don’t Want to Talk About Your Loved One’s Disability

I recently attended a networking dinner during which one guest asked another to share a bit about her previous career in education. “I’m done with that part of my life; I don’t talk about it anymore,” the woman said without a moment’s hesitation. While initially her bluntness seemed fairly rude, later, I found myself admiring […]

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