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Issue 73 – Amazing Ways To Support Autism

Buy Single IssueSubscribe today and save 50%Features:Easy Ways to Help Your Child Socialize Using Video Self-ModelingLearn simple ways to teach social skills using an innovative tool known as Video Self-Modeling.Melissa M. Root, PhD  Special Needs and Safety: Ways To Keep Kids ProtectedFollow a three-step approach to preventing accidents or dangerous situations from occurring when a […]

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Issue 72 – Sensory Solutions For Life

Autism Parenting Magazine Issue 71 - Navigating A New Year https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/issue-71-navigating-a-new-year/

Buy Single IssueSubscribe today and save 50%Features:Top Strategies To Enhance Your Child’s Capacity For Self LoveA parent coach provides two exciting activities to help encourage self-love.Connie Hammer, MSW, PCI Certified Parent Coach® Autism and ADHD: Do You Know How To Help With Co-occurring Conditions?Learn both the differences and similarities between autism and ADHD as well as […]

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Issue 71 – Navigating A New Year

Buy Single IssueSubscribe today and save 50%Features:Why Not Pledge to Cut Yourself Some Slack In the New Year?The father of a young, nonverbal boy compassionately reviews the true value of new year’s resolutions.James Guttman Easy Ways to Add Simple Communication Strategies to a Kid’s LifeA speech-language pathologist, parent coach, and autism expert describes ways to integrate […]

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Amazing New Sound Reduction Vibes Earplugs Can Change Your Life

Amazing New Sound Reduction Earplugs Can Change Your Life https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/new-sound-reduction-earplugs

Product: Hi-Fidelity Vibes Earplugs protect individuals with sensory sensitivities from the discomfort of loud sounds while preserving the clarity of sound in their environment. Cost: $23.99 For decades, foam earplugs and over-ear headphones have been the standard for protecting individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other sensory disorders from the discomfort they experience in loud […]

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Introducing the World’s First All-in-One Speech Tablet for Symbol Communication

Introducing the World’s First All-in-One Speech Tablet for Symbol Communication https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/all-in-one-speech-tablet-symbol-communication

Product:  Unlike anything else on the market, the Indi speech tablet from Tobii Dynavox is designed specifically for augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), and it is ideal for symbol-based communicators of all ages with speech and language disabilities, including individuals with autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, aphasia, and intellectual disabilities. Cost: $999 Introducing Indi, the […]

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Issue 67 – Preparing for Adulthood With Autism

Buy Single IssueSubscribe today and save 50%Features:How to Transition Your Young Adult with Asperger’s Into the World Learn ways to help your adult child transition from living at home to successfully enter the adult world.Safia Fatima Mohiuddin What You Need to Know About the Benefits of AAC EvaluationsA certified speech-language pathologist answers five commonly asked questions […]

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