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Trailblazer Seeks Job Opportunities for People of All Abilities

Trailblazer Seeks Job Opportunities for People of All Abilities https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/job-opportunities-for-all-abilities/

Autism Warrior: Jonathan Andrews Trainee Solicitor, Reed Smith, and Board Member, Ambitious about Autism In Jonathan’s main role, he’s a trainee solicitor at international law firm Reed Smith, the market leader in disability inclusion among City of London law firms. After overhauling its recruitment process to become more accessible, Reed Smith has hired more than […]

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15 Easy Tricks to Make Everyday More Playful

Play is crucial for young children. It helps them learn how to work their brains and move their bodies, expands their social skills, promotes problem solving and the ability to focus, and, best of all, helps them feel happy with themselves. We’re seeing now what happens when children don’t have time to play. In the […]

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Making Popular Video Games Good for Kids Affected by Autism

It’s hard to find a child these days who doesn’t love video games, but for many kids on the autism spectrum, digital play has an especially strong draw.  Children affected by autism appear to be particularly attracted to video games because of the visual nature of screen-based technology, the structure, and immediate feedback gaming provides.  […]

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