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Following My Special Life Dream

Following My Special Life Dream http://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/following-my-special-life-dream/

My name is Kaelynn Partlow, and I have been attending the school at which I am currently employed by for the past five years. My journey at Project Hope began with my mother tying my shoes, picking out my clothes and fixing my hair on that very first day of school.  I was 14 and […]

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My Voice: Why I Hide

My Voice: Why I Hide http://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/why-i-hide/

In regards to better understanding autism, it will help if you think of the human mind as a delicate tuning fork.  Hit the fork with the right amount of tap and it will resonate in harmony, but bang it too loud and it will create dissonance inside the mind, especially for the person who dwells […]

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To the Kind Man Who Helped My Son After He Was Bullied

Much has been written on the subject of autism and bullying.  I must admit, I am not sure how, but somehow my son Niam managed to escape the trauma of being bullied.  As an overprotective mother, I created a safety net around my son, monitored his every move, his surroundings, and the people around him. I have made a […]

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Grounded Gentry: In the Right and Honorable Name of Love

I’m way into country walks and my favorite rock star is John Rutter and I wish with all my heart gloves would come back in style, at least for Sundays. I’m down with Darjeeling, and I refer to England as the Motherland. But these things are not what makes me an aristocrat. I’m worthy of the family’s coat-of-arms when […]

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Never-Ending Love for Our Son with Autism: A Dad’s Perspective

autism dad's never ending love for asd child

There are a lot of articles floating around the Internet written by mothers raising an autistic child or two.  Some pieces are beautiful and full of joy, others, unfortunately, are heart wrenching and very sad.  I wanted to share a father’s view — how I felt when I realized my only child, a son, was […]

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A Special Life Bond: The Joy of Tickling


My new granddaughter is now six months old.  She does not do much except eat and sleep. She is just starting to sit up and may soon begin to crawl.  We can play a little peek-a-boo and a few other early infant games.  What can we do for fun to get to know each other? […]

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