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My Signals: Autistic Reflections of a Man Who Thinks in Circles and Dreams Like a Stone

My Signals: Autistic Reflections by Patrick Jasper Lee   ‘The geometric synaesthetic system of communication, which I call “my signals”, enables me to do what other “aspies” can’t: accurately interpret a social situation, decide what individuals are communicating, and work out how I will need to behave accordingly’, says Patrick Jasper Lee, author of My Signals: Autistic Reflections of […]

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Issue 10 – Back to School Made Easy

Featuring: Back to School Made Easy by Dr. John Carosso Taking Some of the Control Back by Meghan R.M. Graham Interview with the makers of YourSpecialEducationRights.com by Leslie A. Burby But You Can’t Be Autistic…You are Such a Good Teacher by “E” of The Third Glance blog Anti-Bullying Campaign by Leslie A. Burby The Agony of Middle School or Handling […]

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