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The Road to Success: Growing Up With Autism

The Road to Success: Growing Up With Autism https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/success-growing-up-with-autism/

When I was a kid, I was something of a handful. I acted out in class, antagonized my peers, and was generally a disturber of the peace. I got punished with detention more times than I can count and spent so much time in the principal’s office that I still remember what it looked like […]

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Summertime Activities That Will Engage Your Child With Autism


It’s summertime…the dreaded time of year for most autism parents! It is that time of year when your child goes from structure to non-structure and we begin to see more and more meltdowns because of this BIG transition. Summertime doesn’t have to be full of dread and meltdowns. In fact, summertime is the time where […]

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Poetry Corner: Shh to You And Shh to Me

Poetry Corner: Shh to You And Shh to Me https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/poetry-corner-shh-to-me/

As I walk down the street, the sound is unusual, and why it’s there, it is unclear. I hold my mother’s hand with fear. I need it to shush. The noise of the drill is loud and overwhelming. It’s too much for me, just like the neighbor’s dog, who sometimes is howling… Shh. I need […]

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