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The Amazing Ways My Kids With ASD Have Shaped Me As a Mom

The Amazing Ways My Kids With ASD Have Shaped Me As a Mom https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/amazing-ways-kids-asd-mom/

I am the mother of four amazing children ages 21, 12, 10, and 10; three boys with one girl right in the middle. Each one has their individual strengths and weaknesses. With each of my children, I have gone through a learning phase as a parent. With my oldest, I was a new mom. So […]

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A Meaningful Day at the Salon

A Meaningful Day at the Salon https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/meaningful-day-at-the-salon/

I’ll admit it started out as me needing a massage after the school carnival planning was finally over but massages are expensive and there isn’t an in-house babysitting option—although wouldn’t that be great?  A pedicure, however, offers a massage chair and limeade for the mom while the child is stuck in a chair with wet […]

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Issue 71 – Navigating A New Year

  Buy Single Issue Subscribe today and save 50% Features: Why Not Pledge to Cut Yourself Some Slack In the New Year? The father of a young, nonverbal boy compassionately reviews the true value of new year’s resolutions. James Guttman Easy Ways to Add Simple Communication Strategies to a Kid’s Life A speech-language pathologist, parent […]

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A Private Look at Autism and Motherhood

A Private Look at Autism and Motherhood https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/a-look-at-autism-motherhood

Sometimes life is too much. I feel this way. Of course, she feels this way too. How am I supposed to instill in my girl a capacity for dignity and self-respect, while I also acknowledge her requisite burden of crippling unease? I must be her example.  I’m duty-bound to set a precedent. Not always sure […]

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