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Healthy Play Diets: The Best Way to Set Limits on Screen Time

Healthy Play Diets: The Best Way to Set Limits on Screen Time https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/ ways-to-limit-playing-time/

In my work as a clinical child psychologist, I frequently encounter parents bewildered by their kids’ fascination with video games, social media, and other screen-based technologies. While problems with these technologies seem to be worse with kids diagnosed with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), even many of the siblings of my patients would choose […]

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Making Popular Video Games Good for Kids Affected by Autism

It’s hard to find a child these days who doesn’t love video games, but for many kids on the autism spectrum, digital play has an especially strong draw.  Children affected by autism appear to be particularly attracted to video games because of the visual nature of screen-based technology, the structure, and immediate feedback gaming provides.  […]

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The Simple Game of Minecraft: Top Ways to Connect with Your ASD Child

Connect with your ASD child with Minecraft

Video games were a sore point in my house for many years because my son and I could not agree on age appropriate titles.  Sebastian’s choices revolved around what are often called “First Person Shooters,” war-themed adventures riddled with ferocious violence, whereas I was hoping for him to play Super Mario Brothers or some other […]

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Issue 45 – Protecting Your Child with Autism

  Buy Single Issue Subscribe today and save 50%   Features: Your Child with Special Needs Is Entitled to a Free and Appropriate Education But Where Do You Start? A leading autism and children’s rights advocate explains the need to create strong parent/school district partnerships to ensure children receive appropriate placement and the best education […]

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