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Special Needs Planning for Tomorrow: One Gooooaaaal!

Special Needs Planning for Tomorrow: One Gooooaaaal! https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/special-needs-planning-for-tomorrow/

The FIFA World Cup captured the world’s attention this past summer as soccer has become the most popular sport on the planet.  As I was enjoying the spectacular games, I realized that soccer has one goal: To end the game with more goals scored than the opponent.  I know this seems obvious, but many times […]

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Can My Son Really Only Have $2,000 in His Name?


Michael asks:  I have been told that in order to qualify for certain government benefits my son can only have $2,000 in his name.  That does not seem like very much money for a person to be able to save for lifetime needs.  At this point, I am not convinced that we should even plan […]

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