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How Can Sensory Deficits Impact Communication With ASD?

How Can Sensory Deficits Impact Communication With ASD? https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/sensory-deficits-communication-with-asd/

As we all learned in elementary school, there are five basic senses that we use to process the world around us; touch, hearing, vision, smell, and taste.  Our sense organs (e.g., eyes, nose, etc.) receive information from the environment and relay that information to the brain for interpretation. Throughout the day, each of us processes […]

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HELP: How Do I Stop My Son With Autism From Biting When He’s Angry?

HELP: How Do I Stop My Son With Autism From Biting When He's Angry? https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-son-biting-when-angry/

Dear Rob, My son used to bang his head but he has stopped. For the past two months, he has been pushing and biting children in the classroom for no reason. At home, he is trying to bite us when he gets angry about not getting what he wants. Please tell me why he is […]

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Help: How Can I Stop a Child From Headbanging?

Help: How Can I Stop a Child From Headbanging? https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/stop-a-child-from-headbanging/

Headbanging may be a scary and upsetting thing to watch your child do. It is considered a self-injurious behavior (SIB),  but SIB’s and/or headbanging are NOT considered a core symptom of autism, although children with autism are at greater risk of SIB’s such as head-banging. It is also important to note that just because your […]

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An Exclusive Look at AUTISM Jennifer Thomas-Goering

An Exclusive Look at AUTISM Jennifer Thomas-Goering https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/exclusive-look-with-jennifer-goering/

Encouragement speaker Derrick Hayes gives an AUTISM Interview by asking six questions through each letter in the word AUTISM to give readers an insightful perspective from parents, experts, entrepreneurs, and other leaders in the field. Today’s AUTISM Interview is with Jennifer Thomas-Goering who is a full-time anesthesiologist, entrepreneur and autism advocate. She is married to Patrick with two small, […]

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Issue 68 – ASD Strategies in Action

  Buy Single Issue Subscribe today and save 50% Features: Expert Ways to Help Tame Tantrums and Manage Meltdowns An occupational therapist and assistive technology practitioner explains the fundamental differences between temper tantrums and meltdowns and shares strategies to help address them. Alicia Ford-Lanza, MS, OTR/L, ATP Choosing The Best Childcare For Your ASD Child […]

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Autism, Head Banging and other Self Harming Behavior

Autism, Head Banging and Other Self Harming Behavior https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/autism-self-harm

Headbanging is an alarming issue for families with children on the spectrum. Caregivers and parents should get help before addressing headbanging and autism. Autism does not need to be synonymous with self-harm. Read on for tips and strategies to help your child reduce self-injurious behavior. Quick Navigation Why do autistic children hit themselves? How to […]

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Q and A: Head Banging Solution

Head Banging Behavior Solutions

Question: Why Do Children Engage in Head Banging? Answer: Headbanging and autism can be a disturbing combination. While it’s terrifying to witness as a parent, it’s important to note it’s a surprisingly common behavior in many children with autism. Up to 20 percent of babies and toddlers bang their heads purposefully. Among them, boys are […]

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