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Valuable Ways You Can Talk About Autism to Your Child’s Classmates

Valuable Ways You Can Talk About Autism to Your Child's Classmates https://www.autismparentingmagazine.com/ways-to-talk-about-autism/

My son entered first grade at a brand new school.  As parents, we decided that we wanted the other kids in his class to know about his diagnosis of autism.  There were several reasons that we decided to do this.  We were hoping that this would create an environment where he would be accepted for […]

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4 Ways To Cheer Your Special Needs Child’s Graduation

Ways to cheer your special needs child's graduation

The party goods, decorations and refreshments are in the basement.  The customized cake has been ordered.  The invitations for your special needs child’s high school graduation party are in the mail.  And in a few weeks, family and friends will join you to celebrate this wonderful and joyous occasion. Now there’s only one thing left […]

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Issue 50 – The Autism Homeschooling Revolution

Issue 50 - The Homeschooling Revolution Features

  Buy Single Issue Subscribe today and save 50% Features: 10 Ways Homeschooling May Be the Best Choice for Your Child with Autism A former elementary school teacher and mother to a child with autism shares the top ways homeschooling can provide the ideal learning environment for children on the spectrum. Jenny Herman From Tears […]

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